Friday, February 24, 2012

Are YOU ready for a change and for results?...Precision Nutrition Workouts

For a few years I was working hard at the gym, changing my diet in different ways that I thought would help and going about this "losing weight...getting healthy" thing with just the knowledge that I had.  Let's just say that the knowledge was pretty limited.  There are so many conflicting resources that are printed in books and online that I just wasn't sure who to believe.

I was stuck on the treadmill and elliptical and convinced myself that if I just increased the time on those machines I would lose weight.  My problem was time.  Increasing that time on cardio would help get the inches off, right?  I would stay on the elliptical for 45 minutes or more and run 5k's on the treadmill until my feet were tired and numb.

I had already lost quite a bit of weight but I was stuck and I just couldn't get anything to budge.  My plateau of losing 0 pounds and losing 0 inches continued.

I started strength training with a program that a friend had designed for me.  This program changed the way my body works, the way my body feels and the way clothes look on me.  It is hard work and takes time and dedication but I can see the results!

Right now my friend, Jeff, has a great deal on his program!  You can find out more by clicking on his website featuring this program.  If you are thinking about exercising, wanting to get in shape or not sure what to do next...this is probably the best opportunity that you are going to find.  I can also tell you from my own experience that it really does work and that Jeff does a great job helping answer questions, providing pictures or links to videos on what I should do for the exercises that are new to me and also by informing me of the foods I should eat and what I shouldn't eat.

Want more proof?  Look back through my blogs and you will see the journey that I have taken.  There are pictures in good, some not so good.  :)  I started the program with Jeff on October. 31st, 2011 and am still working hard.  I started by lifting those very pretty and colorful weights and am now doing things with weight machines and barbells that I didn't even know where possible and at weights that I didn't think I would be able to lift.  My journey is not over and I am constantly learning but this is truly an exciting adventure!

Go click on the link for Jeff's website which features the new program that he is offering.  If you have doubts...go call around and find out what a personal trainer costs at one of your local gyms.  I think you will be shocked to see how much you can save just by doing this program.

If you want to ask me questions, feel free!  Just post a comment below.


Unknown said...

Is Jeff a friend of yours?
Michelle Heilskov

Jessica said...

Yes...I knew Jeff in high school and reconnected on Facebook a few months ago. Wanna join in on this? It is a lot of sweat at the gym but it is a lot of fun and I have learned a lot....Jessica