Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sidney's 2012 AWANA Grand Prix

It was a nail biter folks!

Sid won 3 times in a row and some were neck and neck.  Her Kleenex box design of a car pulled through though and was a winner.  Over and over she kept going to the top of the track to brace her car and have it positioned just right.

Then, she fell into (bum, bum, bum) the loser's bracket.

(at this point Chris and I thought that she was done racing)

All of a sudden Sidney has appeared at the top of the race track again.  Her car is positioned and braced.  Over and over (at least 8 to 10 more least it seemed like that), Sid kept winning.

Other parents were living vicariously through Sid as she had a huge smile beaming.  (the other parents actually told us this since their childs' cars were not even finishing down the track...but their cars looked pretty cool!)

There were tears of joy tonight.  There were tears of sadness as well.

Quinn was a tired little man tonight and so he and I took off early so he could find his nice comfy bed.  Those were part of the tears for the evening.

It was 8:15pm and the night of excitement at the AWANA Grand Prix was not over.

The award ceremony for design, craftsmanship and winners of the races were next.

After the entire crew came home I was settled into my couch.  Sid had a look of disappointment on her face as she came in with her car.  But, she also had a hand behind her back and a little bit of a smirk on one side of her mouth.  She started to tell me that she didn't win anything but that little glimmer of a smirk kept getting bigger.  I started my "mom" speech about how it was ok not to win every time and that she still did an awesome job tonight.  And then, I realized she was lying!  That stinker.  She pulled a trophy from behind her back.  1st place in Design!!!

(Chris and I were both shocked)

The second set of tears were from our middle child.  Seeing his sister win a trophy for design, a trophy that he dreamed about as he was preparing his car for the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby...well, that was just devastating for his little soul.  We pulled through as a family though and have learned a valuable lesson tonight (two actually):
1.  always talk nice about the other people racing and the other cars that are racing
2.  no matter what the outcome, we always need to support those in our family.  We need to encourage those that are sad when  moment doesn't turn out the way that they expect and we need to take those moments to congratulate those that did win a trophy during the race.

Congrats, Sid!  I think she went to bed with a smile on her face tonight :)  (Micah...well, maybe not so much.)

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Cori said...

That is the cutest car! Good job, Sid!!