Monday, January 9, 2012

Jessica's Journey...January 9th "video time-Quinn and push-ups"

A few days ago I wrote how I did some push-ups with one of my kids on my back.  Then...a comment was given on how I should make a video of this.

Today, I did.

I know that I need to work on my form.  It is horrible.  I knew that as I was lifting Quinn up.  I need to also work on bringing my upper body down farther during my push-ups.  They really are a lot easier without a kid on your back.  Quinn, my 4 year old, is over 40 lbs and he is really heavy on my back.  I think I'm still hurting a bit from it.

The video that we took was actually the 4th time that we tried this.  The person who took the video for me is 8 years old so we had to do a few rounds to make sure we were actually in the video.  :)  I think that she did a pretty good job on this take.

Here you go!  Now go put a kid on your back and do some push-ups.  They think it is fun!

Today's Workout:  Other than the 16 pushups or so that I did to try to get a video made this afternoon, I finished Phase 3!!!!  Phase 3 was 4 weeks and each week had 3 different workouts and they got longer and harder each week.  Example...every single set that I did today in every exercise had 14 reps in it.  When I started this phase, I started with 8 in the sets.  I am very glad to be finished with this stage.

The hardest exercises for me during this last week was probably inverted rows (where you hang off of a bar and then pull yourself up) and a reverse cable cross (I think that's what it is called).  The inverted rows are difficult just because my hands like to slip off or get weak towards the end of the sets.  The reverse cable cross is just awkward for me.  Planks...any kind...those are tough for me, always.  They are better than what they were at the beginning but they still require a lot of focus and strength.

What was so-so during this phase?  At first the core rows were difficult but they did get better and I actually put weight with them.  In the beginning I did not like doing these.  I think the reason was partly because I once took a circuit type of class and one of the exercises was a core row.  I couldn't do it, the only one in the class that couldn't do it.  That kindof takes your confidence and squashes it into a pulp.  When I did the core row last week they were pretty fun.  (I know, these are crazy words coming out of my mouth considering 4 to 6 months ago I couldn't do one at all).

What I liked.  I like barbell push presses.  I really, really like these.  I like doing deadlifts too.  Towards the end my hands were really getting torn up but...guess what came in the mail today?  My grips are here!!!  Now I know I can do a better job at deadlifts and probably increase the weight faster.  I also liked a new one that I got to do where you have a foot up behind you and then squat on one leg.  Very fun and challenging.

My biggest challenge right now is my food.  I am really working hard at this but this is my downfall...pretty sure.  I like tasty food but am learning and realizing that the healthy options are much better for me than others.  I feel better when I eat better.

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Cori said...

Dang, girl! I can barely do a push up without a kid on my back! Good job!!