Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jessica's Journey...January 4th "no excuses"

The Biggest Loser started up again yesterday.  I don't usually watch commercials or too much tv lately so I didn't even know that it was on.  But I was so excited to see it when I scrolled through the shows that we had recorded.

"No Excuses"

This motto or theme for the show during this season is "no excuses".  I have had so many excuses that I have used as to why I shouldn't work out, why I SHOULD eat that piece of chocolate, why I SHOULD just sit on my butt and watch a show without doing anything else...the list could go on and on.

Saying that there will be "no excuses" is pretty big.  That means that you are going to go the gym even when you don't feel like it.  That means that you will always eat what you are supposed to.  That means that you are on board 100% and you aren't backing out...because you don't have a reason to.

"No Excuses"

I am trying to wrap my mind around this and it is tough.  It is almost as if my mind is are doing this healthy thing but my body is are getting older and you aren't in shape enough to do this and everything is tired.

I know I wrote once before about how getting healthier is really something that you have to accomplish not only physically but mentally.  This is a mind thing.  The conversation that I had with another fellow gym member led me to realize this.  This woman was working so hard.  She was there everyday, just like me.  She did so many different things and was trying everything.  There was determination in her eyes.  During our conversation I mentioned that I was proud of her for being at the gym each day.  I didn't know her but it was more of a casual acquaintance, someone that you grow accustomed to just because you see them everyday at the gym.  She mentioned to me that her mind has to be in this game of getting healthy.  If her mind wasn't in it this would all be so much harder.

Sadly, I have not seen this women in a few months.  She has gained weight just from what I could tell from the last time I did see her at the gym.  I am not sure if her mind is still in this game and am wondering if the excuses are having more control than her mind.

I also think of all the new people that are now trying workouts, trying a gym and trying to get healthier.  I haven't seen a lot of new faces but there are a few...and they are trying really hard.  But, will I see them in 2 weeks, in 3 weeks or in 4 months still?  Only time will tell.  It all depends on if their mind is in the game or if their excuses are back in control.

My Workout Today:  I realized today that I am on week 4 of Phase 3.  All along I thought this phase ended at 3 weeks.  No wonder it feels long.  I knew today was going to be tough.  I tried to prep myself ahead of time though and get a few new songs to help motivate me through my workout.  I found one that worked great!  It is called, "One more" by Superchick.  My 1st and 2nd sets I do pretty well.  My 3rd set needs an extra push...especially when I am doing 14 reps of an exercise.  Just imagine...pushing a barbell over your head that is 40 lb 14 times, then 14 times again (as your arms are screaming at you to stop) and you still have to do it again 14 more times.  If I could scream at the gym I probably would have but there is a nice, big, white sign that says no screaming.  :)  Today I had a really hard time with my deadlifts.  My hands and lower parts of my arms were just tired and I could feel the muscles in those really get fatigued.  I am not sure that I have ever felt that before.  I also don't have grips yet and I think if I had them I would be able to do these better.  I ordered them (along with a foam roller!) and I should have these sometime over the weekend.  At the end of the workout I walked into the locker room.  My arms were hurting and were feeling like Jell-O.  I then realized that I need to ask myself at the end of each workout, "Could I have gone any harder today?"  Today, I don't think I could have.

Funny thing and then a fun thing...
I always seem to do something funny or embarrasing at least once a week while I am at the gym.  This morning I was stretching and knew what was around me but since it was 5am I must have still been sleeping just a tad.  I went to stretch my quads and as I was pulling my foot up I hit a stack of steps that someone had made a nice tower of.  It was pretty loud as they all tumbled down.  (Isn't it great when people don't put their stuff away after they use it?)

The fun thing was something we did at day care yesterday.  This was really fun for the kids!  Great exercise for parents!  Do push-ups (not the whimpy, girly I told my daughter) and have a kid on your back as you do them.  I was able to do a few push-ups with Quinn on my back.  Kindof cool!  See...something you can do at home with your kids.  They love the free ride, even if it is a quick one.   :)

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