Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jessica's Journey...January 11th "time to play & eat"

Phase 4...Phase 4...Phase 4

I got my e-mail yesterday with everything that I need for Phase 4.  All I can say is...hmmm.  How in the world am I going to do those exercises?  They look very complicated and hard.

As I start a new phase I tend to always have a bit of panic going on in my mind.  I have moments where I doubt myself and don't think that I will be able to handle this next step.  Ever had one of those moments where you start to doubt what you are capable of?

I started to Google different things yesterday for the exercises because I like to try to see how other people do things so I can try to do everything as best as I can.  There are some exercises that also have spoiler alerts throughout the web that indicate if I do something the wrong way that I could injure myself.  The last thing that I want to do is injure myself.  So research, research and more research.  Thank goodness for YouTube!

As I was getting my gym bag ready for the morning it occurred to me that I still didn't know what I was going to be doing there.  I didn't feel confident enough to start the new phase yet because I still wanted to look some different things up and had a few questions I needed to ask to get some clarification.  This is probably the first day in a very long time that I have gone to the gym and had no idea what I was going to be doing.  Very weird feeling for me.

Turns out...someone didn't put some of their "toys" away at the gym and so I got to play with them this morning.

One thing that I haven't done yet was deadlifts with a barbell.  I have always used dumbbells and this was getting very tough on my arms and hands.  Those big barbells are intimidating and I just hadn't taken the step yet to use those.  This morning there was a shorter barbell just sitting on the mat, all by itself, just asking to be lifted.  I wasn't too sure how much this barbell weighed, I think that was the part that I was most timid about...just not knowing what I was lifting and using.  I was pretty sure that it weighed more than 15 pounds but I don't think it weighed more than 35 pounds.  I did do a few sets of push presses with the bar at first just to try to figure out how heavy the bar might be.  (Have I mentioned that I really like push presses?  They are so fun.)  I started out small with the weighted plates as I put them on the bar.  I put on the clamp at the end and new grips!  (Love those too!)  At the end of my lifting I had 90 lbs on the bar.  Next time I will have to do a little bit more.

This morning I played.  Now I feel a little bit more confident on using the barbells and that is getting me one step closer to being ready for Phase 4.

I have been working very hard at what I eat too.  I know that food is my downfall...I like to eat.  Since Culver's is just a few blocks away and they have the only ice cream I can eat without getting sick...and McDonalds, Wendy's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Arby's, etc. are just minutes away...the temptations are everywhere.  This past weekend we had a family Christmas and my brother and sister-in-law introduced me to an app that they use to help track their food.  I have been using pen and paper but that isn't always with me and then I forget to write things down.  If I am truly accountable to my food I have to have something with me all the time.  I checked it out and I have to say that I really like it.  Probably the best feature for me is the ability to scan in the barcodes of whatever it is that I am eating.  I can also put in my workout that I did that day.  One other cool feature is that I can see what my friends are doing for a little extra motivation.  If you want to see what I am really doing everyday and help keep yourself on track with your food go check out  Just add me as a friend (you can send me a comment if you would like my e-mail address) and you will get to see the days I am really good with what I eat and the days when maybe I'm not quite as good and get to see what I am doing with each workout.

I also came across a really funny video today by StreamFit.  You can view it here on YouTube.  It reminds me of me at times and what I am thinking and what I see other people doing while they are at the gym with their trainer.  I love the part about the foam roller.  I just got mine and am a bit scared to use it because I heard that it hurts. Why this video has to have a bad word in the title is beyond my just ignore that.  I don't remember hearing any actual bad words in the video...just the title.  (I just watched it word that isn't great that I found)  Probably did that to get more people to view it...again, something else I just don't understand.  This is pretty funny though.

Oh...and now our snow that decided not to be here for Christmas is back.  Minnesota, I think our winter is now here.  ( may be back to 50 degrees next week...who knows!)

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