Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jessica's Journey...January 1st, 2012 "New Year, back to basics"

January 1st was my date to do measurements again.

Was I looking forward to these?  Yes and No.

Yes...because it was another month where I worked hard and I was anxious to see if I gained any weight or if my measurements had changed at all.

No...because it is the month of post-Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations galore.  I tried to eat healthy but I had a lot of days where I didn't.  My food journal was put to the side as I was focused more on Christmas and everything that I needed to do for this holiday.  I was enthralled with the kids and their needs and was just ready for vacation and to spend time with my family on our days off.  I was also sick 2 full weeks of December.  When I am sick I don't stick to eating healthy...I just eat what I can.

My results.  I didn't gain weight.  I didn't lose weight either.  My measurements are the same.

After I measured everything I did have some disappointment.  I won't lie.  Then the reality hit me that this is the month where I have heard people gain 5 lbs...just from eating all the crappy food that is out there for the holidays.  I didn't!

What I learned.  I need to follow through with food journal and with the form that I have been asked to fill out for my plan.  When I don't keep tabs on what I am eating things get out of control...mainly, me.

As I lift up my bottle of is to a New Year.  Here is to drinking more water.  Here is to eating healthier.  Here is to following the plan and trying to get the fat loss percentage to decrease.

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