Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jessica's Journey "Nice girls can lift too"

Saturday morning at the gym.

I'm getting my shoes on to get ready for my workout.  These two women come in to the locker room.  One is looking at her phone and talking about a text that she got.  At least every 5 words either had the f word in it or some other profanity.  Their story pretty much was (from what I heard as they were talking very loudly right next to me) that one of the girls' boyfriend or husband left in the morning at 5:30am and she knew where he was going (imagine a girl...white girl...that is bobbing her head back and forth from side to side as she is talking).  She texted him and then she got a text back from the other person he went to see.  I'm amazed that another person wasn't stampeding into the gym to fight this woman based on what she was reading from the text that she got.  Did I mention the swearing?  If those were my kids they would have had huge amounts of soap in their mouth!

There are several websites that I visit as well that offer a lot of advice and encouragement to keep moving, to keep lifting and to keep trying new things to be healthier.  One thing that is very discouraging though is the language.

I can be motivated by someone who uses nice words just as much as someone who uses a "naughty" word.  I know that the trend for what is acceptable and what isn't in regards to words has changed.  I know that I grew up in a home where the word "crap" and "shut up" are still not encouraged and will get you a stern look.  I am appalled though by the word "a**" and I can say with 100% certainty that this will be the only time that you will see me write anything close to what that word is.  Maybe I am around little kids so much that I am concerned about what they are hearing (fyi...we say "bumper") because...well, kids hear things and repeat them.  If they keep hearing what this world is saying now, who knows what will be acceptable to say once they get to be my age.

Why is it though that people in the fitness world and our tv community (and lots of other people) think that this word is just another common word now?  I hear it on tv and I am ready to shut it off.  I see it on a webpage and although I love the advice I don't know that I want to fill my head with words like that.

My thought is...nice girls (with clean mouths) can lift weights too.  Nice girls can exercise.  Nice girls can be part of this fitness world.

So women, is it about time that we fight back with nice words?  How about we offer nice websites for the fitness community that doesn't have bad words on it?

I may just have to think about that.  Hmmm.  I think I may know someone who can make a website like that.   I know you are reading this ;)

Today's Workout:  First workout for 2012.  I finished up week 2 of Phase 3.  Yeah!  I really wanted to be done with this week LAST week but...with seeing family, Christmas and getting sick...I just have to do what I can do.  The best part was that when I was done I decided to do some push presses and I took out the 50lb barbell and was able to push press a few of those.  It was fun and I felt really good.  I was also able to do the intervals on the elliptical today.  Last week I only did them on the bike because I wasn't feeling 100% with the cold that I caught.  (Intervals are what I do at the end of my workout.  It changes with each week by increasing the length of how long I do the "hard" part.  For instance, this week I just finished was 30 seconds easy, 30 seconds really hard and repeat this 8 times.  Intervals are a great way to burn that fat!)

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