Friday, January 20, 2012

"Exercises to do at home to tone up" Jessica's Journey, January 20th

It's the weekend!

I sooooo did not want to get up this morning and head to the gym.  I think it was the lack of sleep catching up with me from the night before.  I went though and felt so much better once I did go.  I tried some new exercises and this is almost always how it works...the ones that I thought I wouldn't like, I love!  The ones that I thought would be easy...ummm, not so much.  There is a new one where I use an exercise ball and have to roll onto it, over it, some sort of combo thing there.  It is not fun.  It is really hard for me!  And I thought that was going to be super easy.

I just had to share this article that I read today.  This is a must read (well, if you are a woman)!  There are some excerises on here that you can...and at home.  Also, some extra motivation for you to keep working hard are some pictures of the person that wrote the article.  This is sortof like a before/after photos includes her measurements.  Take a look at those ladies and see the difference and how smaller or lower in numbers doesn't always equal better.  This just gives strength training another pin on it's board in the positive area.  If you are a visual person and need that picture to see what you could look like if you work hard then be sure to read the whole article.  Great stuff in there.

Here is the link...did you click on it yet?  Here is another chance.  :)

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