Friday, January 20, 2012

The Big Buzz @ the House

Lots going on right now in the Williams house.  Here are just a few tidbits:
  • Micah's Pinewood Derby with the Cub Scouts is tomorrow.  The last minute prep work has begun on his car.  It is very excited (and stressful for a few in the home).  I myself will be painting a little bit this evening.  I can't wait for this opportunity to help out ;)  Nevermind, Chris just did my part so I guess I am just a spectator.
  • Sidney is working on a science project.  At the moment she is still working out the details and some of that involves talking with a classmate on the phone to set up times to work on it together outside of school.  Sid is not great at using our iPhones and likes to hold it way past her ear so she can't even hear what someone is saying.  Technology scares her a bit but she lives in a house full of it so she better get used to it cause it's not stopping anytime soon.  
  • Sid and Micah also just got e-mail!  They are so excited.  If you ask them they will probably tell you their password.  We are still working on the security aspect of this.  :)  Sid has been checking hers constantly since she got home from school and Micah already has plans to check his e-mail right away when he gets up in the morning.  Sid likes to include little hearts in her e-mails also.  
  • Quinn...well, he wants to be involved with everything and have the last word always.  He is working hard at writing his letters and is doing very well with these during our learning time at day care.  Yesterday he told someone that they needed to be responsible, yet in his 4 year old little language he said, "rebonbible".  It was so cute!
  • Narrow Road Coffee just received more samples for their next new coffees that they will be selling.  I always get a phone call wondering if the samples have arrived yet...there are some anxious people ready to roast.
  • We have 2 birthday parties to go to this weekend.  Still don't have gifts for those yet.  
  • Starting Sunday we (meaning I or something our family has to attend) have something going on Sunday night (choir for me), Monday night (AHG awards night), Tuesday night (I am going to help at Teen will be nice to see everyone again!), and Wednesday night (AWANA & Choir practice).  By Thursday I am going to be ready for a break I think.  Somewhere in the midst of our week I need to figure out what Micah is doing for his birthday party and get that scheduled and some invitations done as well.  
  • Oh...and the kids are loving this snow!  They want to go out right away and play in it once they wake up.  Hopefully it is somewhat sticky for them because they have big plans for their forts and snowmen.

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