Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 9th

You ever have a morning where you debate back and forth about whether or not you are actually going to go to the gym?

Today was that morning for me.

I hit the snooze once but did actually get out of bed. It was about 20 minutes later than my usual time (although the clock still had a 4 on it) but I just didn't want to go today. I was tired. My body wasn't sore but physically I think I could have slept for another 3 hours.

I was up in the night a few times...Chris was working on Narrow Road Coffee and came back to the house pretty late. I usually don't wake up when he gets back but I must have been a light sleeper since I did hear him. Quinn also woke up in the night and had an accident. So, I had to clean him up, clean up his bed, get him a new place to sleep and calm him down just a little bit since he was worked up. 30 minutes later I was back in bed. How did I live through those newborn years? No wonder I hardly remember parts of the kids' early years. I was sleep deprived for about 4 or 5 of the last 10 years, obviously.

I did go to the gym but I did almost climb back into bed even after I got my gym clothes on. All I would have had to do was turn my feet a little bit to the right and I would have been aimed at my bed rather than the stairs.

The crisp, cold air woke me up and I was at the gym. I was running behind this morning so I was a little bit worried if I would actually get my workout done today. I did skimp on the warm-up just a little bit so I would have enough time today to get through as much as possible.

Today was day 2 of week 2. The best part of the workout today was that I increased my weights in pretty much everything. One step at a time...I should say, one pull or push at a time.

What I did today was 3 different sets of each exercise: dumbbell single leg deadlift, cable facepull, cable pull down combo, cable woodchop & reach out. I did have a few minutes to get my intervals in...and I worked hard on those! Sometimes I think that I might just fly off the elliptical. In fact, when I got on the elliptical I did almost fall off today. My balance was lost for about a second and then I found it again :)

Soon I will be writing about the person who made up this plan for me and decided to help out this mom. For now though...sleep is calling me.

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