Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 8th

Sometimes I get really irritated at the media.

You have girls that are a size 0 or less flashed all over the cover of magazines, tv shows and basically everything that you see as an advertisement. My degree is in marketing...I know how and why it all works. Does that mean that I like it? Not at all.

Dove has done an excellent job at showcasing what a true woman is. Have you seen those commercials...where the girl is brought in to get ready for a print ad? She gets her makeup and hair done. Then, the computer goes to work. If you aren't familiar with the commercial you can watch it below.

So, women, what is true beauty? Is it a number on the scale? Is it based on how you look according to what is popular by today's style and trends? (If this is the case, my yoga pants and t-shirts/sweatshirts are going to check me out of this competition) Are you beautiful because of where you work, what you do or how you spend your time?

I think that the question of "true beauty" needs to be challenged by not only many of us as women but we need to challenge the media to get this right as well. Wouldn't life be so much easier and happier if we were all told the truth instead of the lies that we are shown over and over.

Not only are we shown these false images but so are our kids. Think about that! What is their perception of beauty going to be once they hit that age where they start to wonder if they are beautiful or handsome? Our kids have to battle so much already in this world, their self-confidence should not have to be one of those things.

True beauty for me has been a goal that I have had in my head for the last 2+ years. I want to get past this 1 specific number that is on the scale. I don't just want to do this, I desire to do this. I have really been trying this past year and focusing on this number. Guess what...I am still at the same spot. I am taunted by my scale. Over the last year it has been just above my goal by about 1 to 4 pounds. It has been teasing me and it was like it was saying, "ha, ha, you can't get here". I changed my routines, I became more determined to beat that number and I am still not at my goal.

With the help of this new plan my focus has changed. I have fully accepted it yet but here is my new perception...I'm not trying to change the number on the scale, I am trying to burn fat and change that body fat percentage. I need to tell myself that again...I am not worried about changing the number on the scale, I am burning fat.

That is my goal now. So, goodbye scale. I have never liked you.

(I have a really cool picture for this but it isn't working to put it on here...I did put it on the left side of the blog though)

Today's workout was a spin class. I start day 2 of week 2 tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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