Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 10th

Day 3 of Week 2 was today.

I woke up with my alarm going off 3 times...yep, 3 times. On that third vibration and ring of my phone my husband said, "Oh, get up already" in a pleasant tone that anyone would have at 4:40am. That was my clue to finally get out of bed. (Sorry to wake you up, Chris! But thanks for being so supportive :)

Not only was it cold today but as I was driving to the gym I saw snow flying in the air. I thought that maybe I was still somewhat sleeping as I was driving because it couldn't be snow. I'm not ready for it and have been in denial that it is coming. But, the deer that met me in the road helped wake me up and then my realization that it truly was snowing came to a reality. Snow has now fallen here in Rochester. I guess winter really is coming. Maybe I should have put a coat on before I left this morning, huh? (Thank goodness for seat warmers!)

With week 2 I have been doing 3 sets of the exercises and then finishing with some pretty tough intervals. Today's exercises were the warm-ups and then the following: lateral squat, push up variation, dumbbell push press, cable reverse wood chop and the four point supine bridge.

About halfway through all of the exercises I had a few thoughts...
Maybe I could just back off on the weights a little bit. Seriously, who would know? What if I just didn't do the four point supine bridge? I hate that one and it hurts my arms. Plus, I look like a total goon doing that. Why am I up this early?!?

It always seems impossible until it's done.

Regardless of whatever mind games my brain was playing this morning I knew that I still had to finish. Not only did I need to be at the same weights that I was last week but if I could I should try to push myself and go even harder. I've been told that if I do the exercise for the 10th time and I feel like I could do the exercise once more that I should increase the weights.

How am I doing with my challenges that I had for myself?
1) start my food log. I have the book. I have started this. I want to decorate the cover of it more than actually write in the book (can you tell that I am one of those creative types?). I have kept track each day other than part of Wednesday. Why didn't I write in some of Wednesday? Well, because I ate some candy and I didn't want to write it down. I'm being honest, don't judge me.
2) keep on my asthma meds to help keep from having a flare up. I have done very well with this. I can say that I haven't felt as good in the mornings for a very long time as I have this past week. I was having to do my inhaler in the middle of the night at times, when I woke up, when I got to the gym, sometimes in the middle of my workout and always after my workout. Now I have a daily steroid inhaler, my regular inhaler and then some medicine that I take at night. I wake up in the morning and feel like I can actually take a deep breath. I usually don't have to use my normal inhaler at all unless I go outside in the cold with the kids.
3) work on having healthy meals for our family at supper. We have had some good meals, I think. Not sure if the entire family feels the same way about everything. We aren't eating like rabbits but we are eating more fruits and vegetables. I try to have at least half of my own plate filled with fruits or vegetables and am working on eliminating the stuff that I'm not supposed to be eating at the end of my day. This is tough when I have 3 kids and a husband to cook for. I think we are getting there though and getting closer to what the meals are supposed to be like. I did miss one of my after workout breakfasts though because we had a really crazy morning and that threw my entire day off. Crazy how not eating or not eating right can change things. I am working on finding some different recipes and some different blogs that I have been reading for tips on food and diet. I haven't found any that I absolutely love yet but if I do I will post those.
4) Push myself with the weights. I'm doing this! It's kindof empowering to know that I can lift more and more.

Now my challenge for you.
As of this morning my blog was looked at 66 times just for the post that I did yesterday. Did I see a comment on here? (I didn't see one...but you CAN still comment on any previous posts.)
Don't be afraid people! I need you to help motivate me. Knowing that I'm being held accountable for this workout because the blog is actually read by someone out there in cyberspace is one of the things that helps me get out of bed in the morning. Especially when my alarm goes off 3 times. So, tell me what you think. Tell me if you tried something that I am doing. Maybe you have some food choices that I could try for my family. Regardless of what you type, comments are great and also greatly encouraged :)

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