Friday, November 11, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 11th

Day 4 was today, which means that I am done with my scheduled workouts for the week! That is such a great feeling. I know that I have accomplished another week. Yay me! 

Today I did three sets of the following: swiss ball supine hip extension leg curl (next week I need to get my hips up even farther), dumbbell 3 point row, corkscrew, four point plank and lateral pull down following by intervals on the elliptical. At one point I looked at the speed and the elliptical said 15 and 16...and that was at a level 10. Aaaah! (That was what my legs were saying)

Tomorrow I will either be sleeping in just a little bit (we have to be out the door by 8 so I might as well get up and do something at they gym) or I will hit the gym a little bit. I am not sure at this point...we will see. If I do go I will just do a nice slow run. My body doesn't run fast so a 4.5 mph speed is pretty good with some 5.0 mph speeds.

 I also am trying to figure out if I just have a sore muscle or if I injured myself. My leg hurts a bit after my workout today and I am almost sure that it is a muscle. Not sure why or what I did but it does feel better than it did after I left the gym today. A little bit of IcyHot and I should be good as new.
I really focused on watching how much water I drank today. With my plan I am supposed to drink half of my bodyweight in ounces, and even more if I do a workout that day. Now if I told you how many ounces I had to drink then you would know how much I that will just have to remain a mystery :)

I did track this and I do get at least 8 glasses of water each day. This morning while I was at the gym I actually had 2 bottles of water gone even before I was done with half of my workout. I also drink Gatorade while working out.

I am working on not drinking as much pop but I can say that I have an addiction. My addiction is Diet Pepsi. I do think though that the taste of Diet Pepsi is starting to become one that I don't like and that I drink it more out of habit then because I want it. I am going to really try to watch how I react when I am thirsty over this upcoming week and see what I do. Am I just going to the fridge to grab a pop? Am I doing this at times when I actually have a moment to myself and reach for a pop out of boredom? (I am a day care provider and I don't have many quiet moments) Do I think I need a pop during the stressful times of my day? Am I really thirsty when I am thinking I want a pop or am I hungry?

Have I gotten better at not drinking pop? Yes. Last year at this time I was drinking at least 6 to 7 cans of pop a day. Yep, that was A DAY! least. There were even days when it was more. I know that I was going through a 12 pack at least ever 2 days. The sound of the cardboard box opening was just part of the thought that..."I soon will have my pop". I would drink them warm (I know, it sounds gross) and sometimes they would even have a slight taste of chemicals if they were in that in between stage of warm and cold. I still drank it. What was wrong with me!

 I have found something though to help replace my craving for pop. I'm not sure how much better it is for me but I do know that it has drastically reduced my need to drink Diet Pepsi. My taste buds weren't too sure at first when I started drinking this but they are adjusting to the change. I have substituted Diet Pepsi for Crystal Light.
I really like the Green Tea Peach Mango. It is so yummy :)

 Are you a pop drinker or were you? How did you finally kick the habit?

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Cori said...

Good for you for reducing soda pop!! I've reduced but not totally quit, and I really should just quit. I'll start reporting how many I drank a week to you, and then maybe it will keep me accountable. :) I'll start tomorrow, cause I don't want to count today. ha ha! I so relate to just drinking it and it not tasting good. It's just a bad habit. Grrr.