Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 12th

As I was sitting in karate class watching our middle child kick, scream and do different movements with his arms, I had a few moments where I could read.  I still had distractions around me but it was a nice break for a few minutes where I could just dive in and educate myself a little bit more on fitness.

Last week, one of my day care moms gave me a magazine.  She was inspired to start running by someone who was actually featured in the magazine.  Pretty cool, huh?!?  This woman is actually right on the cover!  She hasn't met this person but I have seen a few of their comments back and forth to eachother via Facebook and they do have a great friendship that is based a lot on encouragement.

I glanced over this moms story today that was featured in Runner's World on page 60.  This mom needed the time to run outside because of an illness that her child had.  She needed the time because running was the only place where she allowed her emotions to show and could unveil them.  She would run, clear her head, let the frustrations out and just cry.

My family grew up having kids in our house ever since I can remember.  We did foster care and babysitting and there was one child that we had to be careful around.  He was a hemophiliac and we knew as kids that if he got hurt that we needed to get him to a hospital right away.  A few days a week brought the stress level in our house at a height that was a little bit more than our "normal".  The mom featured in Runner's World lived with this illness in her home every day.

I read a few other stories as well and the one that I am still working on finishing caught my attention.  I have seen this name before.  I have heard this story before.  Ben Davis is a guy who has been struggling with a food addiction.  Now that I know more of his story it is amazing that this is all that he was addicted to based on his family life.  You can see a glimpse of his story below, how much weight he lost and what he has accomplished...and maybe you will be inspired :)

Everyone has a story.  Inspiration from others is needed when you are working towards a goal and those that inspire you are just part of your story.

I am very thankful for those that have helped me start this journey.  There are been others that have met me at the gym all those cold and snowy mornings and people that I have met these past few years that encourage me still...those are the friendly faces at the gym that know my schedule and if I didn't show up on one of my normal days.  I am thankful for those that ask me questions.  I may not know the answers but I will try to find them out for you.  I am thankful for my family...who have eaten the food that I make when I try new recipes (you liked the artichokes today, I know you did!) and for my hubby when he has taken care of the kids when I spend hours at the gym.  I'm thankful for those that have given me advice and helped me get through some painful physical therapy, encouraged me through different group exercise classes and those that have given me a plan on what I should be doing now.

Tomorrow I will be writing about my current plan a little bit more in depth and who is helping me with this part of my journey.

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