Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 13th

I have to get into the swing of things this week.  It is now officially week 3...I started this morning.  What I forgot about with week 3 is that I increase everything, which means MORE time at the gym.  Today wasn't too bad with time because I didn't have a specific time I needed to be done.  Tomorrow is going to be a different story.  I have to be in the house, ready for kids and have given my kids a few moments of "mom time" without other kids being around...all by 7:30am.  Out of all the weeks, this part is going to be the hardest so far.

I did start Day 1, Week 3 today.  My leg and back are feeling a lot better so I think it was just muscles that were screaming at me to give them a break.  A few Icy Hot strips and I am doing a lot better.

Here is what I did today:  stretches to warm up, did a quick little jog to get my body warmed up and then I started the lifting.  I did 4 sets of the following:

  • split squat (I increased my weights with this and can tell that when I do this one side is harder than the other), 
  • dumbbell bench press (I increased my weights in this too.  Caution...increasing too much may require a spotter.  At one point the dumbbells landed on my stomach...Ouch!), 
  • barbell push press (I stayed the same for this...not quite ready to increase this for a full 10 reps)
  • corkscrew (I increased my weights in this.  One side is easier to do than the other I've just doesn't feel as natural of a movement on one side.  I still like doing this one though.)
  • core row.  (this one just sucks...seriously!  Practice, practice, practice, someday this will be a lot better than it is.  If you haven't ever tried this, you need to experience what I am as I am laying on the dirty floor at the gym.  Here is a link to it so you can experience this pain go try it!)
  • Intervals on the elliptical.  (I go as hard as I can at about a level 10 for 15 seconds and then back off for 45 seconds.  This week I repeat this 8 times.  Today my highest speed was least when I had my eyes open.)
I've posted a little bit on this journey about what I am doing at the gym.  There is a whole food aspect as well that I am working on too.  The food part is going to take some time with me.  I'm trying new foods, trying to figure out what I like and how I can make this all work.  I sortof have a weird schedule and don't always get to eat at normal times like the rest of people in the working world.

Where did all this info come from?

It all started with a blog...Cori's blog :)  My friend and former roommate was writing during the month of October about her new love of running.  (Is love the right word, Cori?  :)  She is an excellent writer and is much more eloquent with her words than myself.  She has that gift.  One day in Facebook world, a former high school classmate of ours wrote on her wall with a challenge for her.  There was a challenge for her to write about strength training instead of running.  Since I do dabble on Facebook I saw the post and jumped on this challenge.  

I am now on day 14 (I started on October 31st) and I can already tell that my body is changing.  It is a slow change but I have already increased the weights on most of the exercises at least once or twice.  I have been sore in places that I didn't know I could be sore in and I can even feel my confidence growing on different exercises that I have been doing on my plan.

This former classmate that challenged Cori is Jeff Burbank.  Jeff now has a family and lives in Missouri and works at Snap Fitness.  His plan is to move back to Fort Dodge and open his own gym/chiropractic office.  He also has a website at where people can ask for online help.

I sent him a few questions so he could explain why he was helping me and to also let him explain his thoughts on fitness and what he does.

What Jeff does?   My mission in life is to educate as many people I can to move better, have more self confidence, and to have fun.

Why Jeff is helping Jessica? I wanted to help you because I want to step out of my comfort zone of helping people in my gym. I wanted to help some people online but I didn't want to work with somebody who would put my program in the trash or come up with excuses not to do it. 

How Jeff Helps People?  I teach people a system in order to succeed in their goals. SYSTEM stands for Save Your Self Time Energy Money. Most people's systems do not match their goals, so we just make sure they match. 
If their goal is fat loss (not weight loss) then I teach them The Hierarchy of Fat Loss (an article by Alwyn Cosgrove can be found here: )
This system is overall a long term goal but most people come in with a short term goal to start, which is great to get them started.  
I continue to read everything on how to get better results for you. 

Here are little nuggets from Jeff to help you:
  • Even if you have injury or been injured you can work around it most of the time.
  • Most people have been doing the same workout for years (same reps, same machines, same cardio=same results which is nothing)
  • Increase the intensity of your workout to get better results (ladies you are strong so don't be afraid to lift dumbbells or barbells) 
  • Just because you lift with dumbbells or barbells you will not get big and bulky 
  • Muscle is 20% smaller then fat. so why won't you want to build muscle instead of fat?
  • Building muscle will increase your body to burn more fat.
  • A nutrition plan is the KING/QUEEN of controlling your results.
If you want to see what Jeff can help you with, you can find him on Facebook or at his website

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