Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 26th

I've been writing now about my journey for 25 days.

I have even written on this blog word for word some of what I did in phase 1 (which could probably figure out how to do phase 1 with just a little bit of effort and reading).

I have put out some pictures with a glimpse of how disgusting I can get during a workout...I don't know many people that will put a photo out for the world to look at of their gross clothes.

I have had the courage to try everything that has been on my list of "things to do" at the gym.  I don't think I failed at any of the exercises because I actually tried each one...even the ones that I didn't want to do.  Believe mind was having a battle at times and kept telling me not to do some of what was listed on my sheets.  I haven't missed a workout and I have even done the workouts that I haven't wanted to do.  I start week 2 of Phase 2 tomorrow morning, bright and early.  That means that I have completed 4 weeks so far of workouts.  In terms of actual days at the gym, I have been there at least 5 or 6 days each week.

I am still in the process of working on this eating thing but that is a work in progress.  I have been told to just keep working on this and be gradual in the changes that I am making.  I can do gradual.  This week wasn't too great and if I had to give myself a grade for eating this past week I would definitely get a big, fat "F".

So...that's what I have been doing the last 25 days.

What have you been doing?  Have you tried something new or are you too afraid?

I'm not trying to be a bully and this isn't one of my posts where I am trying to sound sassy.  I am being very genuine and honest...and I am serious.  What have YOU done?

I am not a personal trainer and only know what has worked for me. are a handful of things that you can do anywhere and tips and that you really should try:

  • Drink more water!  You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.  Your skin will look better, you will feel better and your body will love it.
  • Walk stairs.  Either at work or home...take the stairs.  If you are at home, walk up and down the stairs several times just for fun.  Yes, I said fun.  You don't have to run them, just walk them and feel your legs enjoying this little workout.  It won't feel fun if you haven't walked a lot of stairs in awhile but everything gets easier after you do them a few times.  Go up and down a bunch of stairs 2 times the first day, do it 4 times the next and just increase it each time.
  • Planks.  There are a huge variety of planks that you can do.  Simply though, lay on the ground with your tummy down, feet apart a bit, clasp your hands your body on your lower body on your toes and your upper body with your hands to your elbows.  Hold it.  That is a four point plank.  For more information about planks you can look at a website by livestrong that has lots of different information  on health and exercise.  (Click here, or here, or here :)  After I did these the first time my arms were pretty sore.  The next time though...not quite as bad!
  • Step-Ups. I did these at the house the first time.  I grabbed some soup cans, went over to my fireplace and started stepping up and down on the hearth.  You could do this on a stair too.  If you want a bigger challenge, grab 2 milk jugs that are full (could be full of water) and use those as weights. 
  • Try roasted vegetables.  I haven't been a lover of vegetables but have learned to love them and now I crave this recipe (I'm not gonna lie...these don't taste like french fries...they taste so much better!).  I cut up carrots, parsnips (if they aren't too expensive at the time), green beans and have also put in sweet potatoes or regular potatoes.  Add some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, some rosemary (I LOVE rosemary!), pepper if I feel like it and sometimes onions or whatever else I might want to add or have on hand.  Roast these for 45 minutes to an hour and stir them once in awhile.  I add grilled chicken in them usually too but not too early because it gets too dry.  Nummy!  I can be found eating this as my lunch at least once or twice a week.
  • Find a song that motivates you.  One song that has really been a motivator for me is Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers.  The song is just over 6 minutes long and is great to get your warmed up, push you through that plank that you are trying to hold or even finish up your workout with some intervals.  Funny story though...the first time I put this song on I decided that I was going to just run for the length of the song.  This was before I knew how long the song actually was.  I kept thinking to myself..."how long is this song?"  It would sound like it was going to be done and then, it would start up again.  It kept me going though.  It also taught me to look at the length of a song before I decided to run the entire time.  ;)
Don't be afraid to fail.  Be afraid not to try.

If you want a more precise plan that is designed just for you, I can get you in touch with the person that is helping me.  It is really should try it.  :)  Just send me a message or leave me a comment and I can connect you.

Today...I spent a large part of my day in a car driving back home after our time with family this Thanksgiving in Illinois.  Today was an off day for me and I didn't hit the gym or do any type of exercise.  I have made an extra effort to keep taking my vitamins though these past few days and staying on my asthma meds since everyone in our house is coughing and/or has a sore throat.  Wish me luck!  The last 8 to 10 times that I have gotten a cold I have gotten bronchitis.  I would really like to avoid that if possible this time :)  

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lisa anderson said...

Great post! Planks are great for SO many things! I roast a pan of vegetables several times a week. The kids gobble them up, and I often eat them for breakfast. Yes, veggies for breakfast, but it makes a really great start to the day, and my body actually craves them. Whenever people say they don't like a certain veggie, I ask them whether they've tried roasting a completely different flavor