Friday, November 25, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 25th

One month from today we will be celebrating Christmas.  Does that freak you out a bit or make you feel happy knowing that you are celebrating for something more than just gifts?

By Christmas, will I have recovered from a few days of eating..."not quite the way I should?"  That is a month away.  One entire month where I won't be splurging on big meals and will stick to the food plan that I am supposed to be following.  I have not done very well with my eating these past few days but I have tried to stick as close as possible to what I should be doing with a few exceptions.  I did enjoy eating these last few days, in fact, I just finished eating one of my favorite meals...some great grub from Cracker Barrel.  Ummmm.  Yummm.  I won't be doing that for a very long time.

One thing that I know I have to be careful of during these next few weeks are the special treats that I make for others.  Sometimes ALL of those treats don't make it to those that they are intended for.  Those yummy ritz crackers with the peanut butter smushed in between and covered in chocolate (I'm going to dream about those) and the wholesome goodness of the spritz cookies that I have still not mastered.

Hopefully you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!  The real question though...have you done anything since the big turkey day to start working off those calories that you consumed?

I read a blog today that talked about starting a workout today rather than waiting until January 1st or some traditional holiday where you claim that you are going to start something new.  Just think...if you actually started your new exercise plan, just walked for a few minutes each day, joined a gym (and going...that is key to joining a gym), or tried something new and did it for the next month, you would have already made this new thing a habit by Christmas time!  Try it.  I dare ya.  No, wait...I double dare ya.  :)


This morning my father-in-law took me too his gym at his work.  It was so great to get a workout in while we were away from home!  I did a little bit of running, I did a few weights and then came back to the house and went for a little run.  It was gorgeous outside for November in Illinois so I had to take advantage of it.  I did have a plan to do a workout at the house but I was a little worried that I would make way too much noise and make the floor shake or something while doing jumps and other crazy stuff that was sent to me.  ;)  (Just kidding!)

Sunday I will be back to the routine and plan that I have been given and will be on week 2 of Phase 2.

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