Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 23rd

Today was an actually "scheduled" day off for me from work.  I really haven't done actual work this week since our family has been quite sick.  This morning I did wake up at 5:37am (on my buzzing devices needed) and then decided that it was my day off...I was going back to bed.

I woke up just before 8am and got ready for the gym.  

Different time of day and totally different atmosphere at the gym.  I usually see 1 trainer...there were at least 4 or 5 walking around with people.  There are no kids when I usually am there in the mornings...I noticed all the toys being played with and the loudness of those toys as I was leaving to go home (I should be used to this cause it sounds just like my house).  And...I don't usually get to see my friends that I started working out with so long ago...this morning I pulled into the parking lot and right next to me another car pulled in.  It was Caroline!

I so miss seeing my workout buddy.  So much that my conversations with her were lasting a lot longer than my usual breaks last.  It was great to catch up though with her and hear what she has been trying and doing.  Pilates...yeah, that isn't on my to-do list right now.  Zumba....tried that once at a Teen MOPS meeting but can't say that I am an expert or that I am racing to go get my bells to jingle in that class.

Give me some weights, let me lift them and I will be happy :)

I had a huge milestone today.  Huge!  This may not seem that big for you but it really was something that I have trouble with.

I think it was just yesterday that I wrote how I was lifting the highest weights that are in the women's area for my deadlifts.  I grab two 35 lb. dumbbells and use those for my deadlifts.  Today I realized that I needed to try doing the 40 lb. weights. 

First, I had to go out of my comfort zone of the women's area...go to the big mirrors, in the big room, full of people that are staring at their muscles and find the right weights.  I really thought that the weights out there went much higher than what they actually do.  That kindof shocked me a bit.  

Second, I had to lift the weights up and bring them to a spot where I could do the exercise.  There were a lot of people standing in front of these mirrors so that was a bit intimidating.  Also, I haven't lifted 40 lb. dumbbells in each hand before.  I was hoping that I could actually do it, especially in front of all the people that are in the gym at this time of the day.  (I did just fine...just in case you were wondering.)

Third, finish the exercise and hopefully not drop the weights as I put them back.

Last...give myself a lot of congrats!  I just overcame a huge obstacle that, in my mind, was something that was going to be really hard to do.  See...I think of this area of the gym as the guys area.   You don't see very many females around the weights.  I did it though, I did just fine and now I know that I can lift those weights.  In fact, I think I can go higher than that.  Next week I will have to see what I truly can do.

Tomorrow is turkey day...I will be taking a day off from writing.  I do hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!  

Little turkey day health tip...I did learn during our car ride today that dark meat on the turkey has more calories than white meat.  Just in case you were counting or worried about calories on you know.  :)

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