Friday, October 28, 2011

Say "cheese"

In just a few short days away I will be starting my next journey to being healthier. Part of this requires me to take some pictures. Pictures of me, standing against a blank wall, in my swimsuit. (All the women right now are gasping. I know you are. I can hear you :)

You have all seen those before and after photos...the ones where the person in the before is not looking so great, has some rolls in different places that the celebrity on the latest cover of a magazine has never had. In the picture it looks like the person didn't even bother to brush their hair that day or put makeup on.

Today, that before picture was me. (I did brush my hair though today)

I put on my swimsuit. Thank goodness it is one of those suits that is also a skirt! I would love it if my suit came with a parka too or some sort of robe. Just seeing the pictures was enough motivation for me to get back to the gym.

Starting November 1st I will be mentally prepared to tackle this next journey. That is what I am working on right now. I have even been trying to get a few of the other regular women that go to the gym about the same time as me to work out with me. I think most of them are at that point where they are curious as to what I will be doing in my workouts but they aren't really ready to change their food choices or they just like their routine. There are a few women that have also had some serious injuries in their life and are very cautious with what they do so they won't get hurt again.

I can totally understand both of those! I would be so happy to just sit in front of the tv eating cookies or pie (or whatever my indulgence would be for the day). I also know the pain that comes with an injury. My hips are pretty good most days but once in awhile I will feel stiffness or a sharp pain and the memories come back of the torture I went through to get to a point where I could walk again without hurting.

Reality is here though. I am 25 (+9 years) old. In order to be around for my family and stay as healthy as I possibly can I need to be living a healthy lifestyle. My family doesn't have the best health record and if I don't change I know what is facing my future...diabetes, higher chances of cancer, hip replacements (I was already told that is a possibility if I didn't make my hips stronger), and continued problems with asthma and bronchitis. is to a healthier life (as I toast you with my water).

I may never post my before and after photos on here. I did take those before pictures though. I promise you...they are taken. You will just have to take my word on it.

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