Saturday, October 29, 2011

On My Honor

Micah. "Mom, pretty soon I'm not gonna have much time to help you with things around the house."

Mom. "What stuff are you talking about?"

Micah. "Cleaning my room, sweeping the floor, wiping the table, taking my clothes up, that kindof stuff."

Mom. "Why can't you do those things anymore?"

Micah. "Well, cause I'm gonna be in Cub Scouts and I am just going to be too busy."

Mom. "Well, you will still be doing those things but what will you be doing in Cub Scouts that will keep you so busy?"

Micah. "Mom, I'm going to be out hunting for bears all the time. I have to learn all about that and won't be home that much since I will be out looking for bears."

Mom. "OK, Micah."

Later I had a conversation with Chris letting him know that his son thinks that he will really be scouting for cubs in Cub Scouts.

Micah is now officially a Cub Scout and has been to his first meeting. I think that he has learned that finding bears isn't going to be top on the list of what he will be learning in this group. I am excited to see what he will be doing though and what friends he will make in his group. Plus, he gets to have some one-on-one daddy bonding time :)

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burbankdc said...

I was the only dad at my son's meeting. weird