Monday, October 31, 2011

Jessica's Journey...Oct. 31st.

It's Halloween! Why not start off this day with my first workout with my new routines?

I was thinking of starting on November 1st but then decided...why wait? It is Monday, couldn't be a better time to start this new stuff.

Evidently everyone else thought the same thing because the gym was packed this morning. 5:00 would think that most people would still want to be tucked in their nice, warm bed. I would have to say that it was about 3x as busy as it normally is which just means that there was either a recent promotion that encouraged a lot of new people to join or everyone was thinking about all the candy they would be eating today.

Starting a new routine for me can be fun but can also make me a bit anxious. Not only do I have to learn new things (and most likely look a little bit ridiculous the first few times that I try the exercises) but there are a few areas of the gym that aren't very female friendly that I will have to venture into over the next few weeks. One good thing about working out at 5am...not very many people are in those areas so that is just less people to embarras myself in front of.

Let's talk about being embarrased at the gym. We are all self concious in some way. Right? At the gym I have done so many stupid things that I really shouldn't get embarrased about anything anymore.

What have I done? 1) almost fallen off a treadmill, 2) dropped my phone/music in the trash can (that has a big top so I had to reach in real far to get it back), 3) I sweat like crazy and my shirt is never dry when I am done with my workout, 4) I've knocked over those big yellow signs that tell you where there is a floor that is wet. How do you do that? Those are huge and yet I managed to not see it and have it fall. 5) I've forgotten my socks and shoes and come to the gym only to walk out again. 6) I've lost my jewelry and have been looking for it on my hands and knees so I can see under machines. 7) I try new machines and then find out many times later that I was doing it wrong the entire time...should I go on?

Not too long ago I connected with a high school classmate who gave one of my friends a challenge for her blog. My friend started running and for the month of October she was going to write about her journey with running each day...all 31 days. I saw his comment that he left for her and jumped at the opportunity to also be a part of this challenge. To sum up the challenge...get healthy by following the plan that he puts in place and also write about it on the blog. I am not a great writer and didn't get my degree in journalism like my fabulous friend, Cori, but I do like to share my experiences through my blog. I like to go to the gym and also like to try to motivate others to get healthier as well. I had a good idea what I was signing up for and over the last few days I have been taking measurements, pictures, filling out forms, looking to see what is in my fridge and cupboards and debating on whether or not I can drop my Diet Pepsi addication.

I started workout number 1 today. I tried some new exercises. I know I didn't do them perfectly but it takes time to figure things out and feel confident. As the weights are feeling unsteady in my hands I just have to remind myself that I can do this.

This morning one of the hardest exercises for me was a Core Row. Holy Cow! This is really tough for me. Each time that I tried to lift up my arm as the rest of my body is in the air supported by my other arm and toes I just had to tell myself, "I can do this.". My little sheet that describes the exercise also states not to move my hips. As I was laying on the floor of the gym after the first attempt I just kept thinking to myself, "How in the world do I do this without moving my hips?". I have no idea what I looked like as I was trying to accomplish this exercise but I sure know that I didn't feel confident this morning when I did this for the first time. During the second round...I felt a little bit more confident. When I repeat these exercises next week I am sure that my confidence will grow a tad bit more again.

I can do this. What can you try today that is new for you?

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burbankdc said...

To start off keep the feet wide apart then when you get stronger you move them closer
It can be done