Monday, September 19, 2011


Two kids crying and one giving bear hugs (which he is really good at).

Chris left for China this morning. He is traveling for work and will be in Shenzhen for the majority of the time and also Japan (I think). He will be back home on October 5th and will then probably sleep for a day or two.

The kids were very upset this morning to see him leave. The tears actually started last night as Chris tucked them in. I think it finally hit the kids that their daddy was going to be gone for a bit.

We have skype set up on my phone and Chris will have access to his e-mail so we will send him some messages. His phone won't work there so we are going to use these other forms of communication for now. He will also be working a large majority of the time so his time to chit chat will be limited.

I keep joking that he will be eating some interesting foods...mainly dog as the meat or other things that he doesn't know what exactly is in the dish. It will definitely be a cultural experience for him. Other than the food, lack of normal toilets in a lot of places, the different language and the 10 million people living in this should feel just like home :)

Will I stay sane while Chris is gone? Yes. I think I will. I have a babysitter to come in the mornings so I can have my me time at the gym. I think without having this, I would probably lose my mind. Between the homework, day care, swimming lessons, church activities and meetings at the school this week, I am already looking forward to Friday night. The kids and I are going to eat pizza, rent a movie and have a sleepover in the living room.

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