Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Picture of a Promise

I had my usual routine this morning...get up early, go to the gym, get ready really, really fast so I can get home and get the kids ready for school and greet the day care kids.

I got through a few of those steps...I got up...I got to the gym (thanks to a great highschooler who is babysitting for me in the early morning)...I got ready really, really fast...and then I paused.

I opened the door at the gym to go outside and my breath was taken away from me. There was this gorgeous picture in front of me and I was in awe. I saw a rainbow. Not just a simple rainbow that you can see by turning the sprinkler on at the just the right angle to make a rainbow. The entire rainbow, start to finish, was in front of me and covered the entire sky. The color was amazing as it was against the dark sky where it was raining. On the other side of the rainbow was the gold sunrise. Gorgeous! It was almost like it was placed in this spot just for me to see. Next to the rainbow was another rainbow, although this was very faint and you had to stop to actually notice it's existence.

I drove home and could see all the people rushing to get where they needed to go...and they were missing this beautiful promise that was right in front of their eyes.

I tried to take a picture of the entire rainbow but my phone did the best it could.

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