Monday, September 5, 2011

As of September 6th...

As of September 6th we will have a 4th grader going on to Mickey's class at Lincoln and a 1st grader going to Jane's class at Lincoln.

I should say that we also have a preschooler who thinks he is also going to school but really is just doing some learning at day care at our house with his friends Malachi and Caden. He thinks he is going to school so I guess that what we are doing during the school year is fun for him too. Those little boys are growing up too and in 2 years will be off to their own Kindergarten class.

Micah is very much ready for school. He is nervous but already knows tons of kids in his class. He also told me about 5 times today that he is eating at the school tomorrow and is eating their lunch. He also already knows his lunch code. If you know Micah at all this information is not going to come as a surprise. Today alone he asked me what we were having for lunch or what time we were eating (some combination of the two or something that entailed the word "lunch") at least 20 times in an hour. If he doesn't end up as a chef or some job that works with food I will be amazed. His mind is always focused on food.

Micah has a student teacher in his class who is Mrs. Hudson. She goes to our church and we know her pretty well. I was shocked when I saw her on Wednesday last week in his room and then she let me know that she was going to be teaching Micah. She saw his name on the list and thought it was probably him...she didn't know too many Micah Williams'. She is a great person and I am so glad Micah is in that class. I love Jane and have heard so many good things about her and now the combination of Jane and Mrs. Hudson just makes the year even better for Micah.

Sid is pretty excited too. I don't know her teacher very well yet and I don't think Sid knows her really either. I get the feeling that she is also a great teacher though just from all of the older kids that came in to say hi to her. Some of these kids are even going to high school now so they came to the school and room just to see her. That shows a lot about how much a teacher has made an impact.

Sid was a bit nervous last week when we went to "meet the teacher" but she warmed up pretty fast once she talked with the teacher. I think that Sid will find her voice in her classroom of 4th & 5th graders and will do well. Her homework is going to get more and more challenging and her father has already been told that he has to help her with math. I just don't understand the kids' is ridiculous!

The kids are off to their new adventure of 4th & 1st grade on Tuesday, September 6th. Their bus shows up at may be 8:20am, I will have to look at that before the morning :) I will see them again about 4:30pm and will find out how their day went. I am excited to hear how it all went, who they made friends with, what they ate for lunch and if they have any homework already :)

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