Monday, August 29, 2011

Kids craft...t shirt with bleach

Here is an easy craft idea for kids.

Step 1: Take a plain colored shirt & some card stock or foam letters or some simple designs. Place the letters or designs on the shirt as you want it to appear.

Step 2: Using a spray bottle, spray bleach on the shirt around where the letters or designs are.

Step 3: Carefully take off the designs or letters.

Step 4: Let the shirt dry

Step 5: Wash the shirt and dry again

Step 6: Wear!

Caution! Too much bleach in one spot will leave holes in the shirt. We found this out in a few from drops of bleach that dropped on the shirt as we were moving them.

I found this idea from another website called Pinterest and wanted to put our own day care spin on it. Thanks for the ideas Pinterest and for the person who originally posted their idea!

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