Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back to Reality

We are back to reality today...well, almost. We got back from Sisseton, SD last night and so today it is all about laundry and getting things ready for 1 day of day care this week. That requires going to the grocery store since there is little in the fridge at the moment.

Today we are also working on potty training Quinn...again. He is wearing underwear and I have to say that we have only had 1 accident and it is already almost 1pm. It is going better than I thought. Quinn may actually be potty trained someday. Who knew!

I have caught a cold as well so I am more concerned about getting some Sudafed rather than the rest of the groceries. The kids have another thing in mind though for our shopping supplies. They have caught me on a day when I really don't care what they buy since my head is killing me so we will see how much stuff we end up with today. I did make the kids go through all the supplies that we have first though so we don't just buy it because it is on the list. We also aren't going to be getting brand new backpacks since the ones they have work just fine. Well, Sid's does. Micah's has a rip in it so we will have to get one for him. Quinn will get his old one since his has a non-functioning zipper and he likes to use it for our car trips.

Off we go!

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