Friday, August 5, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I don't splurge on much for myself in the form of big items but there are a few little items that I really love. are a few of my favorite things...maybe you can enjoy them too :)

I wake up everyday and have a glass of this on my way to the gym. It has also become my replacement for Diet Pepsi. Yes, I can now go a day without drinking Diet Pepsi. I don't even buy it by 12 or 24 pk anymore.

Apple really is amazing.

I used to be an all Nike person but lately I have really learned to love Asics. I have tried different shoes and I know that everyone needs a shoe that fits them personally but these are the best ones for me (and yes, they are a splurge).

This is a definite splurge product but I love it! It reminds me of the days I used to work at JC Penneys and get my hair cut by their stylists (because I got a discount!). They got me hooked.

I love these flowers! I planted a few different plants when we moved in to our house and I am finally seeing them grow where they should and they have done great this year!

I love these stars. We have several stars decorating our house and they are big and little.

These signs are so cool! I would love a brick wall in our house and decorate with these. So, so cool. There are some out there with some very cool sayings as well for families, rules, etc. and that will be up in our house as soon as I have time to make one.

I love cherry tomatoes! I could eat them out of the garden all summer long.

I almost forgot...I love these shoes. I just got them a few weeks ago and they are so comfy and I wear them all the time. Lands End...$18.99 and most of the time I get free shipping with them too. Shopping from home is the best way to get new stuff (especially when I have little kids with me all the time.)

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