Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's more frustrating than...

Want to know what is more frustrating than everything that is closed or not functioning because of the MN Shutdown (13 days and counting)? You know you do. Well, even if you don't, I'm gonna tell ya.

Potty Training!

Why won't Quinn go poop on the potty? Why!!!!

Today...actually just a few moments ago...he came downstairs and said, "Mom, something smells upstairs and I think it is coming from here (as he is pointing to his butt)."

He knows what he is doing. He knows that he has to poop. He knows that it smells bad. He knows that I am getting mad about this.

What is it going to have to take in order for him to poop on the potty?

We've already done the sticker chart thing, the candy bribe, offering a toy shopping spree, balloon of his choice, going to see the Cars 2 movie with popcorn in the theater.

I think there needs to be a potty training boot camp to send kids to so parents can have a break. This has been a long process with Quinn and I am tired of the screaming, the yelling he does, the peeing in his pants and not using the potty and the poop. So tired of the poop.

A common comment from Quinn in the mornings when I tell him that he has to go sit on the potty is, "What!?! I have to sit on the potty? AGAIN!?". Imagine that being said as he is stomping his feet, crying, sometimes screaming the words and of course crying and screaming the entire time that he is walking on the way to the bathroom, while he is on the potty and then more as he is washing his hands...every single day.

Quinn, you might read this when you are older. Just so you know, I am very frustrated with you at this moment but I do know that someday you will use the potty all the time. I won't miss the moments of changing your butt but will miss the moments of you being so little someday.

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