Thursday, June 9, 2011

memorable moments today

Moment #1. Today was a day that I could have slept in. I had the day off but my body seems to be on its own clock lately and automatically gets up at either 4:40 am or 4:45am. Today was fun! I really wanted to sleep in at least until about 5:20am today. (That may not seem like sleeping in for most people but for me...that is a little piece of heaven) I tried to lay in bed and fall asleep for a few more minutes but I was awake and couldn't fall asleep :(

Moment #2. At the gym...I was probably a bit tired since I woke up so early and that may have caused this issue...I was getting off the elliptical and went to pick up my jacket off the floor. I was getting back up after bending down and then hit my head really hard on the handle bars for the elliptical next to me. Luckily no one else was on the machine but that doesn't take the edge off of the pain that went through my head at that point. I am sure that a few of the other people that are at the gym that early in the morning got a good laugh out of my injury.

Moment #3. Micah graduated from Kindergarten today! Looking at him go across the stage, giving his principal a high five and his teacher a great big hug, I was a proud momma today. He has learned so much this year and has even grown up a bit. He started off the year wearing about a size 5 and is ending the year wearing size 7/8's. He can read now and really enjoys reading. At the beginning of the year he would really get frustrated when he couldn't do something but at some point through this past school year, that character in Micah disappeared. Very proud of my little guy today!

Moment #4. With the good comes...well, the just plain annoying. I needed a break this afternoon. I was tired (since I was up so early and had a bit of a headache from moment #2). I just spent the morning at the school sitting in uncomfortable chairs for about an hour and then standing outside watching the boys play with about 80 other kids...also for an hour. I was ready to just lay down for a little bit and give my head a break. Micah had other plans. He wanted to ride his bike. He wanted to ride his bike really badly. He wanted to ride his bike so badly that he probably came and asked me about 40 times in a matter of an hour. I did not get much quiet and my head was hurting even more. So...we went outside and after he rode his bike for about 5 minutes he wanted to go play in the backyard. Sorry wanted to ride on your bike then you are riding on your bike.

Moment #5. The kids and I enjoyed the first day of Thursday's on First! We love going to this and our favorite thing to do is to get some henna tattoos. We all got inked up and are set for a few days. There are lots of new booths down at this event now too and some great stuff that is being sold by the vendors!

Moment #6. The kids and I went to Culver's to end our day of celebrating Micah graduating Kindergarten and Sid moving on to 4th grade. I went to the counter to get some ice cream for the way home and used the kids' coupons that we had on their bags. I ordered 2 twists to go and then the lady asked me if I wanted any ice cream. My response was, "that ice cream is for me, the kids have a cookie to eat." Yes, I felt like a pig. Yes, the ice cream was good.

Moment #7. I almost forgot about this one. Everyone knows that it is the last day of school today for Rochester. My plan was to pick Sid up from school today because this is something that we don't really get to do since we have day care. The first part of this moment is that I almost went to pick Sid up at the wrong time. I don't know what I was thinking but at 3pm I started freaking out because she got done at 3:35pm and that was just about 30 minutes away. There was road construction and her school is on the other side of town...I didn't want to be late to get her. We did make it on time with about 5 minutes to spare! As we were standing at the hall waiting for her to show up a bunch of kids were also in the hall cleaning out their lockers and getting their final items ready to take home. All of a sudden they started saying 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...and the bell then rang. Kids started running down the hall like a stampede and they were screaming at the top of their lungs. It was hilarious! The kids were so excited to start their summer vacation. I was glad to be there for that moment.

Schools Out for the Summer!

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