Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Weight Loss Journey Update

Today was a day of measuring. I try not to do these kinds of days very often but it is important to see where I am at and how far I am from my goals for losing weight.

I really shouldn't call it losing weight...more of just changing my life to be healthier. I was in a rut for a little bit and wasn't seeing any changes for about 2 to 3 months after that point. I started doing a little bit of research and talking with others that lead a healthy lifestyle to see what they were doing. I decided to start lifting weights a little bit more, mix up my routines and see what happens.

So...back in December I had posted some measurements. (Ok, I didn't really post my actual measurements but posted the inches that I had lost. Seriously, what woman posts their measurements on a blog? Definitely not this one!)

Here they are:
Hips...5.5 inches lost in December. 1.5 more inches lost!
Waist...6 inches lost in December. 2 more inches lost!
Arms...December post was "I am trying to find muscle in my arms. This is my next get these toned! I have lost 1.5 inches in both of my arms." This is about the same but I can feel some muscle now and can do guy style push-ups.
Thighs...3 inches lost in both of my thighs in December. This is about the same measurements as well but I am much stronger and can now do lunges and other strength training without falling over :)

I have lost a total of about 6 dress sizes, so about 3 more since December. I find that all clothes aren't the same but according to measurement charts that is about where I am usually. I am wearing a size of shirts that I didn't think my body could wear ever.

What do I do at the gym now?
Spin 2 days a week. Love spin!! (I actually woke up all on my own today at 4:30am and my body was ready to go to spin crazy.) Everyone should do at least one spin class. Don't be scared of it. You will be sore the next day or two if it is your first class but it is so worth it.
I do intervals as well on the elliptical and running. I even got up to 8 mph the other day and I didn't fall off the treadmill for that minute.
I do weight training and have found that I can lift a lot more than I thought I could. I am following a specific plan and it really is great. I didn't know that I would sweat as much as I do just lifting weights but it really is a workout all on its own. I have fallen off of things, dropped things and made a fool of myself on many occasions. That is ok though because I am learning. Getting healthy isn't an overnight is a process and takes a lot of time and determination.

I read on a quote that really hits a nerve at times. Here is what I read... "Someone busier than you is running right now." Take a moment to let that resonate. I like to think about this phrase from time to time as motivation. No matter how busy I feel like I am each day—and I am definitely busy!—I know there are people who do much more than me each day and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. That thought inspires me to stay committed to exercise, too, even on days when I swear that I don't have time to work out.

Finding the time to workout is key for me because I do have a busy life...3 kids, working 50 hours each week, taking care of a house that gets destroyed every single day by kids, paperwork...endless paperwork for the state, etc. Getting my butt out of bed when it is still dark out is key for me to make this body be healthier.

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