Monday, April 18, 2011

a mommy moment

Ok...just about 1 more month of AWANA. Just 3 more Teen MOPS meetings this year. School gets out June 9th. We have one play to go to for Micah's school...already took that day off so I can attend. Sid has tests tomorrow (thought they were today for a moment and then felt really bad for being a bad mommy and not sending the note with her that her teachers wanted us to do to help encourage her to do well). Thank goodness they are tomorrow...I have about 12 more hours to make sure she gets that letter I wrote to her today and have a healthy breakfast before she works so hard on her tests. AHG has what seems like a million activities going on. I am just going to need to sit down with all their e-mails and calendars and make sure I get all those dates on so we don't miss something. Kids need swimming lessons, which means I need to sign them up for those before they are filled up. Everyone seems to be putting their kids in summer camps and that really is the last thing on my mind at the moment but it is still in my mind and I wonder if I am missing something. I need to sign up for the 5k that is in May so I get a chance to get the t-shirt before they run out...wonder if Chris will be running with me? If I do sign up then I really need to work harder on my training and bump up my speed and times a bit...

Those are the thoughts running through my mind today. That is just what needs to be done outside of our house...not to mention the dishes that are piling up, the 7 loads of laundry that are now sitting in our dirty laundry pile thanks to Chris and Sid bringing down all their dirty clothes yesterday. This doesn't include the day care duties either or what the kids seem to need or want about every 10 seconds.

Today is just one of those days where it feels like a mommy has too much to do. So, off of the computer I go to work on the never ending to-do list that a mommy seems to have.

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The McCutcheons said...


We are actually one of those "weird" families because we don't put our kids in everything. They choose ONE thing a year and that's it. Carter did flag football in the Fall. He does nothing else the rest of the year. Hannah is doing a musical this summer for two weeks. That's all she will do. They have to explain why it would be good for our family to arrange ALL our schedules to accomodate their activity (And why we should pay for gas to drive them all over.). We want them to practice "Sabbath" a little bit each day. The stress isn't worth it for them or for us. We really just celebrate being a family. We strive to keep it simple.

One of our "commandments" in the McCutcheon Motto (Yes, we have a motto with 10 commandments.)is to say NO to the good that we can say YES to the GREAT things. There will ALWAYS be a million good things that our family can do. We don't want the good....we want the BEST.

Hang on and take a deep breath. Grab Chris and do some laundry together. We call those "laundry dates" in our house. :)

BTW: These are my thoughts and my "two cents". We don't have a perfect life and we don't have everything figured out either. I just crave PEACE in our home and keeping our schedule clear brings that peace we all desire. It's NOT easy to say no to lots of good activites. Well, it gets easier because I do it all the time now. :)