Monday, March 7, 2011

Bowling date

Our weekend was pretty packed but we spent a lot of time together as a family and had a couple of fun adventures together.

Besides the swimming lessons, birthday party Micah went to, our shopping experience with the kiddos and trying out the Five Guys burgers over the weekend...we also went bowling.

We like to make the kids guess what we are doing at times and this was one of those times. We told the kids to use the potty and then get ready to go somewhere. Sid goes a little crazy when she doesn't have all the details...I think it is hilarious :) She likes to make guesses where we are heading to and of course I don't tell her anything and she just keeps guessing. Micah gets all excited and revved up and then starts to act pretty crazy.

We drove around and the bowling alley that we go to is over by one of our post offices. We drive by it and the kids then think that we are going to the wonderful USPS building. They are disappointed but I continue to drive and just around the corner is the bright sign with the huge bowling pins on them. The kids were thrilled and lots of excitement filled up our van at that moment.

The kids don't have the bowling skills down yet...but then, neither do I :) This game I was beat by everyone except Quinn, and that was only by a few pins and with his ball going down the lane at about 1 to 2.5 mph. Even with bumpers, I can't bowl a good game and am lucky if I get over 100. I wasn't even close to that this time.

Chris won...but was almost beat by Micah. 10 more pins and Micah would have been the winner.

Here are a few ways that makes our bowling experience with the kids fun:
-Micah managed to skip our lane and somehow walk over to the lane next to us and bowl with another family for a frame. I think we screwed up their score a bit and they seemed pretty moderate to active bowlers so hopefully they weren't too upset with us.

-Quinn likes to cry pretty much the entire time of the game. It probably doesn't help that we always go in the afternoon and he gets tired then and his cranky side comes out.

-Micah has a running stance when he bowls...he actually runs up to the lane, doesn't really stop and just hurls the ball. It is amazing that he actually throws it in our lane and hasn't put any dents into the lane with how hard he throws the ball down. He actually did throw the ball once towards the end of our game and threw it just right that it knocked down the bumpers that were up.

-Sid worked really hard at throwing and was getting really good during our game yesterday. She was focused and is really starting to understand the scores and how the game works.

-Quinn was the button pusher during our time at the bowling alley yesterday. I believe he was just trying to sidetrack up with his whining constantly for a drink or a snack so we would see him touch the buttons that are by the rack that holds the balls. Let's just say that because of this, another family at the bowling alley (on the other side of us) had their game interrupted because of Quinn resetting their game.


The McCutcheons said...

The McCutcheon need to take the kids bowling. Our kids have only done bowling on the xbox kinect. Pretty sad, huh?

OK, you'll have to tell me about your kitchen. I don't have an island. I wish I did...but I don't. I have only painted 3 bathroom cabinets. The kitchen is next! :) I am pretty excited. I HATE the look of our kitchen.

Jessica said...

We did a lot of Wii bowling before our kids did the actual thing. I think it is very normal in today's world :) Plus...real bowling is actually pretty expensive. It is not something that we do on a regular basis.

We have a 2 story...I think our outside is similar. Someone told me once when they walked in my house that it was so similar to yours. I know that our kitchen and eat-in area is a bit different though than the average North Park 2-story. Our family room is too that has our fireplace. Our house was built with laundry on the main floor...they put the kitchen in the middle so when you walk in the front door, go straight through the hallway, we have an island that you would hit if you kept going. So, the back of our house is a dining room, kitchen, eat-in area of the kitchen with that patio doors to the deck and then a double closet that has our laundry. I think most of the 2-story houses I have seen over here have the kitchen on the side where we have our eat-in area and laundry. We don't have a wall there either so our family room is pretty much open to the front entry and eat-in area. Might be hard to explain. Maybe someday when my house is spotless and I don't have any laundry that has to be folded and put away sitting in my family room...I could take a picture and post it for ya :) I think we have the same or very similar countertops in the bathrooms too from seeing your photos of your bathroom cabinet. Nothing like being original over here in North Park...those builders are so creative in the 80's. We did get rid of the kitchen ones though and our main floor bath and gutted that. Our kitchen cabinets could use some tlc though...they are showing their age.