Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Working out with kids

Last week out schedule was very much different from our norm and on my mind constantly was how and when I would be able to get a work out in. Chris was out of town for the week and weekend (one for work...other for the mens retreat with our church). I usually go to the gym in the mornings before anyone in the world is awake :) and get back as the kids are either starting to wake up or just starting to get breakfast going and their eyelids open.

With Chris gone...I had the kids with me. Leaving at 5:10am was not an option...and there isn't any childcare during that time of the day either.

I tried really hard to get childcare set up for the kids at my gym ahead of time so there wouldn't be any glitches when I actually needed it while Chris was gone. Unfortunately, working out that early in the day does not always allow for someone to be working at the gym that knows how to do all the different types of paperwork. I tried though but ended up getting a piece of paper with the childcare agreement and taking it home with me with the intention of returning it on the first day I needed childcare.

I did make it to the gym every day except one while Chris was gone. I did eventually figure out how to handle the childcare issue and I actually go to a gym where the people are very kind and understanding and let me just bring the kids free for a few days. That was something that they didn't have to do, nor did I ask them to do it, but it was still very nice of them.

Working out with kids adds a different dimension though to working out. I not only had to think about the time I needed to get the calorie burn in that I had planned but also had to think about the little kiddos and their needs. If I stay 2 hours, is that too much time for the kids to be there? What about 1 1/2 hours...can I get all the calories burned in that time that I need to, take a shower and do weightlifting too?

The kids had a blast though and played really hard while they were at the gym with me. I think Quinn was almost as sweaty as I was one of the days. Micah has been asking if we could go to the gym tonight. I've already been there this morning so...no, Micah, I'm not going back today.

I am very thankful that I have a husband that understands my desire to go to the gym. Well, not sure that he understands it but he is understanding. I think that he thinks I am crazy for wanting to go so early in the day rather than sleep. I am thankful though that he will be home with the kids while I am gone, especially on those weekend mornings when I don't always go as early as I do during the week.

I feel for those moms though that don't have anyone to help them out. Going to the gym is my "me time". This is the time that I need to energize myself, think, have time just for me and do something that is just for me. I even get to take a shower without anyone bothering me...that is something that I don't always get at home. :)

This week...I am back at my normal routine AND...the sun is now going up in the morning as I am working out. It is so nice to see the sunshine and have that welcome me as I leave the gym. Spring...I can tell that you are just around the corner.

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