Monday, April 25, 2011

my own little world

Wednesday, April 20th. 5:45pm. I was feeling fine and then a huge amount of pain started in my left ear. I have had this pain before and recognized that my ear drum was most likely going to burst. I thought it was weird though because I didn't have an ear infection that I knew of and overall felt pretty good...just still have this stupid cough that I can't get rid of. 6:45pm. My ear drum ruptured.

Thursday, April 21st. 8:30am Went in to the doctor to get my ear checked and get some medicine to help heal it. It did indeed rupture and the right ear was close to doing the same thing, which I already knew because the pain was unbearable. The doctor was concerned about my cough though and I indicated that I would be seeing an asthma doctor the following morning but she went ahead and checked me anyways. She had some concern and diagnosed me as having pertussis. With the combination of ear infections, sinus infections and congestion throughout, she did eventually find 5 medications that would help control the cough and clear up the infections.
The doctor also was concerned about how my thyroid looked and indicated that it was swollen. I had bloodwork done, a chest xray to rule out pneumonia and an ultrasound done on my thyroid.
2:00pm. Right ear drum ruptured after some very intense pain :(

Friday, April 22nd. 8:30am. Back to the doctor I went. She wanted to look at the ear after it ruptured to make sure that I could take the same medicine as the other ear. The rupture was larger and left a bigger hole than the left ear but it was still small enough that I didn't have to get a 6th medication.

I've noticed that my breathing gets very difficult starting around 4pm. I am going to really watch it today and keep my activities low in the afternoon to see if that will help. Struggling to catch my breath is not a feeling that I enjoy so much and it also starts the coughing up again and makes it more intense.

My medicine has also started to play with my head. Last night was a terrible night. I was up for about 3 hours because my brain just wouldn't shut off. This was not fun but there wasn't anything that I could do other than watch tv and try to get my mind to slow down.

2 more days of the medicine that makes me eat everything that is in my sight. 6 more days of the medicine that plays with my head.

At the moment, I am in my own little world. My hearing is still there but there are many pitches and sounds that I can't hear or that I don't hear right away. I get 20 drops of medicine in each ear every day so the infection should clear up soon and then hopefully my hearing will start to return to normal as well!

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