Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Week Ago to Today

Last Saturday the kids and I went down to the big town of Fort Dodge to surprise my family. My grandpa turned 90 and there was a party for him. I heard about it very last minute! On my way home from the gym on Saturday I chatted with my dad and found out that there was a party for him that afternoon. My dad knew but no one it was pretty fun to walk in and have a little shock value with our visit :) It was good to see grandpa and all of his friends and our family. We got a few photos too of all the grand kids. One other interesting grandpa is 90 years old, my dad is 60 years old, my brother is 30 years old and his son is 0 :) My dad really likes this little fact about our family.

Last week we also had a play that we went to. Sid's class at school puts on a play each year (actually I think each class does at least once). She did an awesome job and was so cute :) After the play was over we went back to wait for Sid. Micah, in his Micah style since he thinks he is all that at his school, took off and actually got lost. He must have walked right by us without us seeing him because we had a few moments where he could not be found. This was a very good lesson for help him remember that he does need to listen to his mom and dad when we tell him to stop and stay with us. He had some tears, some hugs and then we were good again.

At the play...Micah had another moment...the ladies man! Yes...he was sitting by us and about 5 or 6 times, these little girls from his class kept coming over and asking him to sit by them at the front of the room by the stage. We aren't used to this and him being all grown-up and running off on his own (reason? see above paragraph) so we kept telling him "no, you need to stay with us". Our hearts caved in though when a group of 5 little kids came over again pleading, "Micah, please come sit by us!" and then this was followed by a little girl saying, "Micah, I love you!". How could we say no to that?

Today, Chris and Sid went off to the cities with a group of people from our church to help out at the Feed My Starving Children organization. They bundled up meals and packaged them so they could be sent off to Haiti. I could tell that Sid really liked this and had a good time. When we were praying at supper tonight, Chris mentioned how he was thankful to be able to participate in Feed My Starving Children. As he said that, Sid raised her hand, shook it a little bit and had a huge smile on her face. (Yes, I was watching her and my eyes were open.)

This morning the boys and I hung out while Chris and Sid were off in the cities. My most memorable quote from the kids today was, "Mom! Quinn put a tic tac in his nose and can't get it out." Yes, my son put an orange tic tac up his nose. Do you know what happens when an orange tic tac gets snot all over it? I do. At first I thought he had blood running out of his nose. Looked again, then I saw that it was orange :) I did manage to get it out successfully but did have a plan in place for what I needed to do if I wasn't a champion at tic tac removal.

That is our week in review!

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