Thursday, January 13, 2011

Start off a day with disappointment...ending with joy

Thursdays are the day that I usually get on the scale. It was a rushed morning because the spin class starts at 5:45am...meaning, I need to be out the door by about 5:25am at the latest. I got out of bed at 5:10am was a fast morning.

I stepped on the scale and the scale showed me a number I wasn't expecting today. I am going to chalk up the additional 5 pounds that it said my body weighed to extra salt that I consumed yesterday. 5 pounds! Seriously!!! I wasn't supposed to gain weight by working out every single day this past week...I should have lost weight. I wasn't supposed to gain poundage by joining a spin class...the pounds were supposed to melt off of me...along with all of the sweat.

Feeling discouraged today by that number. But...I think it is just a fluke. I think it is just water. I think...and I know...that if I step on the scale in the morning, it would be under. better be lower next Thursday when I get back on that scale.

Since I was feeling down I decided that today was the day that I would try on those jeans that just wouldn't fit before. Was I setting myself up for more disappointment? No, I really wanted to see how my body was changing and how I was doing. I didn't feel like I had truly gained 5 pounds since nothing was tight on me. I was actually thinking yesterday that I was going to soon start wearing the next size down in pants soon. (By soon...I mean in the next month or two) This is exciting for me though because I actually don't own any pants in that size! (Chris...if you are reading this...yes, that means I will have to go shopping)

I pulled out the pants that I try on to use as my measurement of where my body is at. Some of these pants I have had for years. Some are brand new with tags. Some are jeans that I wore after I had Sid but never got back into after the boys were born. One pair of jeans is my favorite pair ever.

The new pair (that still has the tags on it) was purchased about 2 years ago. These jeans promise to slenderize you. (yeah...cause jeans really can hide your true size ;) I never thought that I would still have these jeans after 2 years and not have worn them once yet. Oh, I've tried to squeeze into them but they were so uncomfortable and tight...these jeans were a lie. They don't slenderize you. They don't even fit in the size that you truly are. You have to lose enough weight just to get into these jeans...then they fit. I think that is how they truly slenderize you.

Today...the jeans fit. They really fit!

My fav jeans that I truly love. I'm wearing them now! A month ago, when I last tried on my jeans, I wasn't able to wear them.

Although the scale said one very bad thing this clothes are telling me something else. I'm gonna go with the clothes on this one.


Cori said...

Good for you, Jessica! Weight can fluctuate even within one day, but jeans don't lie! :)

The McCutcheons said...

:) That's great, Jessica! I had to giggle a liitle bit. I have tried on many different jeans...and I have a variety of sizes. I don't even look at the numbers on the jeans...I just look at how wide the hips are and how long the legs are.

You go, Girl!