Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some happy's

So...here are a few happy things that have happened over the last few days with the kiddos...

-What type of balloon did we pick out to give to my dad while he was in the hospital? It was a pink balloon with a smile on one side and "It's A Girl" all over the other side. We thought it was funny :) And...it made my dad smile!

-We packed extra clothes just in case we had to stay longer in Fort Dodge. We didn't know when we left Rochester on Saturday what our plan was for Monday and didn't want to make that decision until we went to the hospital, talked with some of the nurses and with dad. So, Micah had 3 of everything, including underwear, in his bag. When I said to my parents that we would be leaving on Sunday, Micah was in the room. He started crying and his eyes got all red and he was so sad. He wanted to stay and his comment to me when I asked him what was wrong was, "But I packed 3 underwears!"

-Quinn got a lot of paper for Christmas and he is totally in love with having his own paper. Today Micah said that next year Quinn will be an artist because he has a lot of paper.

-Micah said that he is going to do the weather. He then went to look at our weather station that we have in the kitchen and said, "Got it! It is sunny today!"

-Sidney worked really hard over Christmas break with school work. I don't know many kids that are as goal oriented as she is. She worked on a website called study island and on this site she earned "ribbons" for the amount of work that she did on it. Yesterday her principal went to her class and announced the top 3 kids that got the most blue ribbons. He had a special prize for these people and it is a trip to see a LaCrosse game up in the cities this coming weekend that they will be bused to and from. She was one of the top three kids in her class. She is thrilled!

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The McCutcheons said...

Way to go, Sydney! That's really cool!

Also, I never want to forget the years when paper made my kids happy at Christmas. :)