Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Part of being a mom

Part of being a mom is that when a mom is sick they usually still get to watch their own kids.

Yep, I am not feeling 100%. I woke up last night and my body was doing things that I don't like it to do. I am doing a lot better now and will be fine in another few hours I am sure.

Being a stay at home mom or a mom that works from home though means that my three kiddos that have lots of energy are also home while I am feeling not so great.

When I finally got downstairs this morning, the kids were busy playing on the computer and watching shows, Chris must have already left for work. They had already had breakfast and made waffles themselves and were very content playing.

Here is what they said to me...
"Mom, we know that you don't feel good so we did all the jobs for you." Micah
"I'm done with your attitude." Quinn. Yes, that was so loving of him.
Sid didn't have much to say other than flashing her cute little smile at me once in awhile. I know and she knows that she was the mastermind behind anything getting done today, including lunch and breakfast.

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