Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Special Things

Here a are a few special things that the kids have been doing and saying lately...

- he likes to put his hands out when he is praying. He was told at church or Awana that you can pray either by folding your hands or by putting them out in front of you with his palms up. He has decided that he likes this option. He is very serious about it too.
- his word for "pause" is "plause". Cracks me up each time he says it :)
- he is our drama kid. Everything requires a huff or a puff, a scream or a sob.
- he loves playing outside in the snow. It is only 8:30am and he has already asked me about 3 times if he can go play outside.
- he loves his friends and always wonders who he will see when we are at church.
- he is our sensitive child, although he isn't that touchy feely. He gets his feelings hurt easily though and will let you know that he is sad.

- she is sounding more and more like me everyday. She is a little mom and likes to help "redirect" the boys when they are doing something not quite right.
- she uses the word "actually" in about every other sentence.
- lately she likes to do exercises when she is in front of people. We were at a party the other weekend and she started doing some weird move in the middle of the floor. Not sure why or what she was actually doing?
- she is so motivated when she has a goal in front of her...very proud of her!

- he can't quite say his "l's" right now so everything with that "l" sound ends up being a "w" sound. wittwle (little)
- he loves dancing and has many cool dance moves.
- for Christmas, he asked several times for crayons, markers and paper...so, he got some of those. Nice and easy gifts :)
- Quinn loves to give kisses and likes to cuddle.
- He is our bruiser child and once in awhile a biter. He only does this to his family members so we are lucky with that! He doesn't do this often but when he does he often gets to bite his own arm after he has bitten his brother or sister. He also has been known to just go up to his brother or sister and punch them. Once it was so loud that we even heard it when we were in a different room. Quinn will probably be our athletic child and will be that one kid that is in the class that has the smartypants answers with a little attitude for everything.
- he is also learning his independence and trying at times to put his own clothes on or take them off. It is sometimes hilarious to see him try so hard.

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