Thursday, December 30, 2010

Update on Dad

It's been awhile since I have given an update on dad. With some recent news (as of this week) there are some new adventures in store for dad.

He is done with the chemo for now. This really wiped him out, took all of his hair and gave him some bad weeks. He had some good weeks too but there were many times he was just tired and didn't feel good. He finished up his last round of chemo the week of Thanksgiving. The next step for this now is to take part of the skin that had the disease on it and do a culture to see if it is still growing or not. If it is, they will most likely still be doing more chemo or something to continue to eliminate this from his body. He does say that it looks a lot better though!

The plan was for him to have an outpatient surgery this past Tuesday. Bright and early that day they (he and my mom) went in to the hospital to get him checked-in and ready to go. The surgery was postponed though because dad's blood sugar levels were way out of control and in the 400's that morning. There isn't another surgery scheduled for this yet at this point.

He did have to go in today for an angioplasty because his defibrillator that he has in his chest has been "doing things" so he had to have it checked to figure out what was going on. As of this afternoon, dad is back in the hospital and he has a bypass surgery set for sometime next week. I don't have many details as of yet but do know that he has 80% blockage in one line and they are not able to do a stint because of his diabetes and so a bypass is his only option. Dad has also been having ventricular tachycardia again, which he did have when his defibrillator was put in after his heart attack.

Our plan was to go down to FD this weekend anyways for Christmas. Dad won't be able to be home but we will at least have a chance to celebrate with him at the hospital.

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