Monday, August 2, 2010

Update on dad...Monday, August 2nd

The kids and I took a road trip to see the family yesterday. We got to Fort Dodge around 1pm and then came home tonight.

We had a good time! The kids needed a bit of a break and we have been trying to connect with my family several times now but haven't been able lately :) I also wanted to have a chance to see dad and how he was doing. I had heard that he sleeps a lot and lost a lot of hair with the chemo but wanted to be there to give them some encouragement too and let the kids say "hi".

Micah and Quinn are doing great! Micah had some acid reflux on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and everytime he would lay down and sit up he would get really bad pains in his tummy, burp a few times and then spit some stuff up. We finally figured out what was going on and got him some medicine for it and have been working on finding foods that won't trigger this while his tummy gets used to normal foods again. He has been acting like a brother for several days now and has been great...just had to deal with this acid stuff :)

Dad is doing pretty well! He was up for some of the afternoon and evening yesterday and we talked for a bit. Today he was up for a good part of the day, wheeling himself around the house and we even got to snap a few pictures.

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