Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sisseton or Bust!

Well, it was a bust.

Our family was going to all leave yesterday for Sisseton, SD. There is a missions trip that our church has and Chris helps lead that we have been a part of for a few years now. We were all very excited to go, we had everything made that we needed to get done and scheduled...we were set.

Why didn't we all make it? This story starts on Wednesday night. Micah came home from Vacation Bible School and was crying! It was so sad. He is usually very happy and loves to come back from things like this telling me over and over what he did that night. He had an awesome craft that he did too that I was really impressed with. Instead of the usually happy face it was a very sad that was telling me his tummy hurt really, really bad.

A few moments later, he threw up.

And then he threw up again.

And then Quinn threw up at midnight.

Micah basically threw up all night long until about 10:30 am on Thursday. Poor little guy didn't have anything left in him and he was so sad and tired.

He did throw up off and on throughout the day on Thursday but was doing pretty well by Thursday evening...or so I thought :) Twice in the night I was awaken by him rinsing out his puke bowl and then going back to bed.

Now it is Friday! We are supposed to leave for Sisseton as soon as Sid is done getting her cast on. Her appointment is scheduled for 2pm so sometime after 3:30pm we would be on the road. At this point Micah hasn't had anything to eat since Wednesday night and has had maybe half a cup of water to drink but has just thrown it up anyways. Sid is off sobbing in a corner because she wants to go to Sisseton but isn't sure if we are since the boys are sick...she really wants to go!

Micah and Quinn both threw up again in the morning while watching cartoons.

10:30am. Time for a family meeting! At our meeting we decided that I would stay home with the kids while Chris went to Sisseton. Both boys were still so sick...we just couldn't put them in a car for 6 hours just so we could get there. We would have to miss out on the activities for Saturday and maybe some of Sunday just so we could get their little tummy's back to normal working order.

Our decision was a good one. Micah was still not eating or drinking anything until today, Saturday morning. I didn't threaten him but did tell him that we would be going to the hospital today at 3pm if he didn't drink the gatorade that was in his cup or the 1 saltine cracker that was on his plate. If it didn't stay in him, we would be at the hospital right now (I didn't tell him that part). After he screamed for about 3 hours straight this morning, he did finally eat and drink what was in front of him.

We are enjoying talking to Chris on the phone while he is at Sisseton and seeing the great pictures and photos on the blog for Sisseton. You can check out this blog at

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