Friday, July 23, 2010

Two boys, a girl, a mom, 2 bikes and a stroller

Thursday night around 7:30pm the kids and I went for our usual run/bike ride around the neighborhood. We usually go about 2 miles and make it home just fine. Well, Micah did ride his bike into a ditch once...luckily there was a lot of brush at the bottom of the ditch still to break his fall. one time I thought that was pretty scary.

The two older kids were on their bikes, I was pushing Quinn in his stroller and jogging behind the kids. We go the same route each night but tonight was a bit different...Sid wanted to try a different road. Off we went.

We were probably just over a mile away from our house and the kids started down this "new" road and were racing along. I yelled out to Sid to stop at the tree. She didn't hear me and kept going around the corner. I got around the corner about a minute later and saw Micah sitting on his bike looking at me and Sid on the ground. Not a good sign when your child is sitting on the ground when she should be sitting on her bike. I could tell that she was crying and in a lot of pain. A neighbor from across the street came over to talk to her right away and at first she just looked beat up with scrapes but I was watching to see what she was doing with the arm that she was very intent on holding. The neighbor talked to another neighbor who got us some kleenex...their 8 or 9 year old daughter was standing there holding a box of kleenex and a box of bandaids. I grabbed some kleenex but at this point couldn't really tell what was bleeding and how bad. There was blood in her mouth, running out of her nose, her forehead on one side was bleeding, her cheek on the same side looked like strawberry jam...just red all over...her chin had a nice scrape across, her hip was bruised, her knee was bruised and her other knee was scraped up. She was still holding her wrist, still crying...I'm trying to figure out how to get back home.
I tried called Chris. No answer. I tried calling a neighbor. No answer. Tried Chris again. Nothing.
The little girl with the kleenex had a dad that came outside to see if he could help. He started loading up his vehicle...the 2 bikes, the stroller, my two boys, my daughter and me. He was kind enough to take us back to our house and I truly thank him for his kindness last night!

I got to the house with the kids. The nice man unloaded our bikes and stroller for us and Micah was man enough to put all of these things away for me while I tried to get Sid inside for a moment to figure out how hurt she really was. By now I already knew she was going to the ER...her wrist was the size of an orange. The blood was still everywhere and I couldn't really clean it up just kept coming. I thanked the man again for helping us out and just joked with him and asked if he was a doctor. Most people living in Rochester are affiliated with Mayo in some way but he wasn't.

Now, how to get to the hospital with Sid and what to do with the boys. Tried calling Chris. No answer. Tried finding a phone number for where he was at. Couldn't figure that out with all the screaming and crying from my little princess. I did get in touch with my neighbor and she came and took the boys to her house. I drove to where Chris was supposed to be working. His car was there but he wasn't. I ran to the house and let the person that lived there know what was going on so she could just call him and pass on the message that Sid broke her wrist and that he needed to get the boys and take them home.

I drove what seemed like the longest drive to our hospital, Olmsted Medical Center. Sid was crying and she couldn't move her arm. She was scared and just was so sad. We did get to the hospital though and were taken right back to a room. She got her x-rays and some pain medicine and then she was doing a lot better. We did find out that the break was pretty bad and that this hospital couldn't help her out but that we would need to transfer over to Mayo so they could fix her up. Chris stopped by the hospital as well for a little bit and talked with Sid, saw the damage and all her road rash and then promised her some ice cream when she got home.

I took Sid over to Mayo and we got right now it was about 10:30pm. Sid had a room waiting for her when we got there and she was greeted by a lot of nurses, doctors and other fun people. One lady was there just to talk with her, give her happy memories, play movies for her and make sure that she was doing as well as she could.

There was some thought that maybe she broke two bones but later found out it was just the one.

The doctors did need to do a reduction and then put a splint on. She had to have an iv though first so she could get some drugs in her and this was pretty tough. Her veins were not cooperating and after what seemed like a very long time, the doctors ended up going with a shot in the leg. She was out in about a minute after that.

At about 1am I was able to go back into the room with Sidney. She was still very tired but coming in and out of her drug induced sleep. She had to go to the bathroom at one point but was still very loopy, she couldn't walk and could hardly talk. I got her to the bathroom and she didn't quite make it but we did the best that we could :)

About 3:30am Sid was finally awake enough to get her discharged and home. We got her all cleaned up and then it was off to bed for all of us...around 4:00am.

Sid has a lovely light brown wrap on over her splint and will have this on until Friday. She will then have a beautiful pink with glitter cast on for about 8 weeks.

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Cori said...

Get better soon, Sid! Yikes! What a bike ride, huh? We'll be praying for a good recovery!