Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photo Contest...try #1

I entered this into the iheartfaces.com week 29 photo challenge

Well, I was going to enter this into this photo contest but my children decided that throwing a fit because they wanted a drink and they were overly tired and playing hide and seek while screaming throughout the house was the best thing to do tonight rather than actually go brush their teeth and get their pj's on like their mommy asked them to-do. So, I missed uploading this photo by about 10 minutes because I had to take care of some mom business and get my kids in their beds. Good thing...they are all asleep now and it has been less than 5 minutes since I put them in their little beds and we said our prayers.

This would have been my first entry into this and my participants weren't very cooperative today but it was worth a try and it was fun to see what type of picture I could take. This entry had requirements where you had to see a persons face and they had to be under something. Thanks to Jenny's blog where I learned about this great website!

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