Tuesday, July 20, 2010

update on dad...July 20th, 2010

Well, dad is doing ok. The chemo is kicking his butt, which I knew that it would. Kindof a wait and see how he and his body was going to react to all the side effects.

I haven't seen him since we came back from Puerto Rico but did talk with mom last night. She said that he has lost most of his hair and it has changed color too...from a dirty blond to more of a baby blond. He is pretty pale and weak, doesn't really want to eat much and has lost over 25 pounds.

I could hear him talking in the background and while I was on the phone he did decide to eat something, so that was good. Mom made a big deal about it so I could tell that this was not the norm at the moment.

Mom is doing ok, I think. She said that seeing him reminds her a lot of Jaclyn as she was going through chemo and that made her sad. I want to see dad but know that seeing him will bring up those memories too...so part of me wants to stay far away but part of me also wants to be there.

My day care schedule is pretty light this summer and I think I am going to keep it that way for a bit just so I can try to make a few trips to see him...I think that would encourage him since he just doesn't have much energy to go many places and do much other than sleep.

If you would like to leave a comment on here or e-mail me at mominmn@gmail.com I can make sure that he will get the comments as he is going through this chemo.

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