Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Love Summer!

We have had a few hot days lately and lots of complaining from some that don't necessarily enjoy the summer.

I LOVE Summer! I love the days that are hot and the 75 degree to 90's. I love the water, the kids getting soaked and loving to just be wet with no other care in the world.

I love the flowers! I could spend many hours weeding out our flower beds, watering the flowers and just rearranging the plants to make them look better. The garden could use some help but there is a fence around that...that just tells me not to go in and stay away :)

I love the humidity. Not many people enjoy that but I could sit outside in the humid weather. My neighbor even jokes with me on those days that are hot..."Jessica, your air must be broken today, huh?"

I have to laugh because Chris just walked in the door and his first words were, "I need A/C". He really doesn't, he is just used to working in A/C and is getting spoiled.

I still love summer!

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