Saturday, April 24, 2010

Update on dad, Saturday, April 24th

Dad is doing pretty well. He sounds pretty positive, has some days where he gets lots of phone calls and has been getting some visitors.

He does have a new, or revamped diagnosis of what his condition is. The doctor told him on Thursday that they are saying that he has Hand-Schuller Christian disease. This is just an off shoot of one of the original things that they said that he has but has an additional area that is impacted by this disease. Hand-Schüller-Christian disease is associated with multifocal Langerhans cell histiocytosis. It is associated with a triad of exophthalmos, lytic bone lesions (often in the skull), and diabetes insipidus (from pituitary stalk infiltration).[1] I obviously don't know what all of that means but what he has said is that his pituitary gland isn't working right and has caused some of these issues that his body has had these past few years. Dad is diabetic, he has this rash on his groin area and has had some issues with his bones as well. He also was extremely thirsty and would drink water, juice, etc. all the time and would just constantly need to be drinking something and then of course you have to go to the bathroom all the time. Dad has now started some different hormones to help with the regulating of the pituitary gland and he said that he has already seen a difference. He is not as thirsty and he thinks that is the biggest impact so far that he has noticed.

Dad is hanging in there though and has been told that he may get to go back to Fort Dodge around Mother's Day. He asked what we were doing that weekend cause he isn't sure about a ride at this point...ambulance or if it needs to be a ride by a family member or friend.

Dad can get cards through the hospitals website too. This is very easy to do and if it is done before 11am that day the card will be sent to him that day. The website for the hospital is Under the online tools section you can click on the part that says order flowers/send greeting.

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