Monday, April 12, 2010

Update on dad...Monday, April 12th

We went to see dad yesterday in his "new" place. He has a nice room and the hospital he is at is very nice.

Dad had a request and that was some pop to help "wet his whistle" he said. We got that for him and a few other things and brought those with when we visited. Dad's birthday is on April 15th so we brought a few things that he might enjoy for his birthday since we won't be able to be back there for a bit.

We didn't have to gown up like we thought. If we visited anyone else in the hospital we would have needed to but since we only knew dad there we were ok with just foaming our hands when we went in and foaming when we went out.

Dad seemed to be doing well. He wants to get out of there and get back in Fort Dodge. I am sure that it is getting very boring for him to be by himself. He is very chatty and the nurses even commented that he likes visitors and likes to talk. :)

He did have some firsts today...I won't mention them but it is showing that he is having progress and is getting better. The doctors did mention that it may be the end of summer or even Christmas before he is really able to walk again due to the severity of the break that he had with his ankle.

Right now the plan is for dad to be there for 3 to 5 weeks but to get back to Friendship Haven as soon as possible and as he is able. He is in the Continued Care area at St. Lukes Hospital right now in Cedar Rapids...his room is 651.

The view that he has is of 380 and the railroad right next to that. It is pretty cool. The boys thought it was awesome too. They are train experts just like their grandpa.

I did take some pictures and will post them on the blog later on...hopefully today.

I will also post the address for dad later on too so you can send him a card or some encouraging words directly to his room. You can also post something on the blog or e-mail me at and I will send these along to him also.


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