Saturday, April 24, 2010

Outside the house adventures

We have now been home 2 weekends in a row and we just don't know what to do with ourselves! :)

I do need to plan a visit to see my dad soon, my weekends are just precious and it has been nice to not have to drive anywhere and to actually get some things done.

We took the kids out to eat last night and went to Whisky Creek...I think that's what it is called. We actually went to several places but they were all very busy with very long waits...20 minutes or more of waiting with 3 kids does not equal a good time. So, instead of waiting at a restaurant, we drove around Rochester looking for a place to eat during that time that we could have been waiting. We stopped at a ribs place, a Mexican place that is now more of a bar than what it used to be, Chinese and then ended up at the other end of town and still waited for 15 minutes. As Sid said, "we have been driving for 40 minutes and now I am really hungry.". We weren't really driving for 40 minutes but to her anything can be made into an exaggeration.

At the restaurant Micah was seated so he could see everyone. We were in a corner booth and he was looking out towards the restaurant. We were almost done eating, we were all surviving and doing well and then...this guy had to walk by our table and sit down. Micah blurts out, "why is a witch here?". I was eating so I wasn't paying attention to what he was talking about and Micah is always talking so it really isn't a shock to me anymore what words come out of his mouth. He is a boy and he is 5 and he is Micah. Chris asked if I heard what was said...I thought Chris was talking about the guy who was seated next to us. I just thought maybe he said something that was rude, didn't know he was talking about Micah.

As we left the restaurant, I peeked over and the guy by us had a huge cowboy hat that he took off and put on the hanger by the seat. I told Chris that I haven't seen a cowboy hat around here in awhile. He then told me how the guy came in wearing a huge black duster and the black hat. All the pieces started coming together. Micah was talking about this guy when he saw him dressed in all black when he said he saw a witch.

This morning we also had some adventures. We are trying to eat better and least some of us are in the family :) We have different allergies, food and stomach issues and kids that are allergic to different things so we are trying to be a little more green with our food and have been switching foods to healthier options over the last few years. Today we went to the farmer's market that was indoors in Rochester. This is the last one inside and starting next week they will be back outdoors. The building that they use is one of the livestock buildings at the fairgrounds in Rochester. As you can guess, the smell of the livestock doesn't really leave the building even though the animals aren't there. We walked in and the kids are spewing words out of their mouths like, "this smells", "what stinks", "it smells like nasty cows in here" and my favorite is Sidney holding her nose the entire time we walked around. Kids, at least our kids, will tell you how they feel and what they smell without any reservation whatsoever :)

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