Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Running or Walking in the 5k

The 5k that I am participating in is in just a few weeks. I am pretty excited and working really hard to get to the point where I can run the entire distance.

With each goal that I set for myself I usually come to a block and need to figure out a way to get around that in order to complete my goal.

The block for my 5k is patellar tendinitis.

About 6 months ago I accidentally jammed my knee into the screw that holds one of our many baby gates on our stairs. It hurt with words that I can't describe and I was in a ton of pain for awhile. It seemed to go away for awhile but the pain was still there but was pretty dull with just occasional moments where it felt like a spear was going through the front of my knee.

I went to the doctor today to figure out what it was that was causing so much pain. The tendon that connects the lower leg bone to the knee cap is the source of my pain. Tonight it all hurts pretty bad because the Dr. was pushing on my leg and knee in many different areas and pushing things around that didn't always leave me with a smile on my face.

I can walk...just can't run until the pain is gone. It could be a few months before I get to that point but I can still do things that don't give me pain.

Since I won't be running our family has decided to walk in the 5k together. I am looking forward to it and should be a lot of fun!

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The McCutcheons said...

I am sorry that you cannot run but a family walk sounds fun too!